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Wireless Remote Control for SDX Monolights (Nikon/Canon)

Wireless Remote Control for SDX Monolights (Nikon/Canon)

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Key Features:

Technical Specs

    • Wireless remote control trigger for SDX-200, SDX-400, SDX-600 Monolights
    • Remote distance: ≤ 20 meters
    • Sync Speed: 1/200S
    • Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz
    • Working Voltage: 12V/23A
    • Control up to 7 monolights individually or together
    • Adjust power remotel
    • Universal mount for Nikon or Canon cameras
    • Mounts directly to hot shoe

The Wireless Remote Control for SDX Monolights is a radio remote trigger that is used with StudioPRO SDX-200, SDX-400, or SDX-600 monolight heads. This wireless trigger allows you to have full control of the monolight power from a distance. You will no longer need to adjust each light manually. Move around the photography studio freely and easily while making lighting adjustments on the fly. This trigger gives you the ability to control all lights or you can set up to 7 channels independently. 

Compatible with: SP20-006-200, SP20-06-400, or SP20-006-600 Monolights only

Compatible with Canon & Nikon Cameras 


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