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StudioPRO Vinyl Cherry Wood Floor Backdrop - (Choose Size)

StudioPRO Vinyl Cherry Wood Floor Backdrop - (Choose Size)

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Key Features:

  • A classic wood flooring that compliments all subjects
  • The most economical backdrops for children, babies, and everyone else!
  • Can be used as a backdrop or floor drop
  • Durable vinyl assures no ripping and easy clean up
  • Matte vinyl produces no shine or glare
  • Perfect size for food or product photography

    The StudioPRO Vinyl Cherry Wood Floor Backdrop is printed on strong and durable matte vinyl material. Vinyl material backdrops are the easiest photography backdrops to clean which makes them great for babies and kids!

    Our vinyl backdrops are the perfect size for easy storage or working on location. This material rolls out with out any wrinkles— no need for steaming or ironing! Our backdrops are square which makes them very easy to hang with clamps at any orientation.

    *Please note: Floor only.


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