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Fovitec SDX flashes are ideal for the working professional. Their robust aluminum housing, increased power range and integrated radio receiver make them an essential tool for any studio photographer.

This all-inclusive 2-light umbrella kit is a great starting point for traditional portraiture. With the included radio transmitter, you won't have to worry about third-party triggers or being tethered to your light! The two 33" Translucent/Silver Convertible Umbrellas provide immense versatility. They provide the soft, low-contrast light quality of a shoot-through umbrella when you want it, and the additional high-contrast punch of a silver umbrella when you need it. Remove the silver backing to use the umbrella as a translucent shoot-through for soft directional light with an increase in ambient exposure. Add the silver backing to use the umbrellas as a silver umbrella for added contrast and specularity. This entire kit fits nicely in the included carrying bag, making transportation to your next shoot a breeze!

Power Range

The SDX 200Ws Flash has a 6-stop power range. Power can be adjusted from 200Ws down to 6.255Ws in 1/10th of a stop increments for precise exposure. 

Modeling Lamp

Modeling lamps are incredibly valuable for studio photographers. These continuous light sources are built into the flash head and allow you to see how the light from your flash will fall on your subject. The SDX 200Ws Flash features a 100W tungsten modeling lamp. The modeling lamp can be set to adjust proportionately to the flash power, or to full power.

Radio Triggering

Fovitec SDX flashes feature a built-in radio receiver. This allows the user to trigger the flash from the camera without the need for sync cables or optical triggers. The SDX's dynamic trigger also allows the user to adjust the flash power of the individual lights, saving time during photoshoots.

Bowens S-Type Modifier Mount

All Fovitec flashes use the popular Bowens® S-Type modifier mount, making it compatible with all Fovitec softboxes and modifiers, along with those from many other manufacturers.

 Maximum Power 200Ws
Power Range 6 Stops (200Ws - 6.25Ws)
Flash Variability 1/10th of a stop
Recycle Time 2 seconds at full power
Color Temperature 5600K +/-200
Flash Duration 1/500s - 1/800s
Modeling Lamp 100W Tungsten
Triggering Radio, PC Sync Port, IR/Optical
Operating Voltage 110V/60Hz
Fan Cooling Yes
Auto Power Dump Yes - auto flash dump
Modifier Mount Bowens S-Type
Dimensions 12x8x4.5"
- SDX-Series 200Ws Flash Heads
- Protective Caps
2 - 100W Modeling Lamps
2 - 7" Hard Reflectors
2 - AC Power Cables
2 - PC Sync Cables
2 - 33" Translucent/Silver Convertible Umbrellas
2 - 7'6" Light Stands
1 - Carrying Bag


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