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StudioPRO Two Monolight Kit w/Take Down 33" Umbrella With Carrying Case & Trigger- 1200W/s

StudioPRO Two Monolight Kit w/Take Down 33" Umbrella With Carrying Case & Trigger- 1200W/s

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Key Features:

  • Includes universal wireless remote trigger for power adjustment control
  • Fan cooled Monolight heads
  • Take down convertible umbrella for translucent umbrella or silver

The StudioPRO SDX-600 Monolight series is a excellent professional strobe light for your photography studio. A monolight is a self contained flash unit with all user-friendly controls located on the back of the light. The all aluminum body is built strong as well as being a light weight material. Fan cooling assures that the inner electrical components stay at the optimum working temperature. 

This series features replaceable flash tubes, which ensure great longevity and many photographs with this light. The six stop range (from 1/32 to full power) allows for optimal lighting control with adjustments in increments of 1/10th of a stop. This light unit accepts all Bowens S-Type mount light modifiers as well as umbrellas via the umbrella mount. This light is top of it’s class with a fast recycling time of 2 seconds or less at full power. This light includes a PC sync cord, 7” reflector, and 100W tungsten modeling lamp. 

The Wireless Remote Control for SDX Monolights is a radio remote trigger that is used with StudioPRO SDX-200, SDX-400, or SDX-600 monolight heads. This wireless trigger allows you to have full control of the monolight power from a distance. You will no longer need to adjust each light manually. Move around the photography studio freely and easily while making lighting adjustments on the fly. This trigger gives you the ability to control all lights or you can set up to 7 channels independently. 

The StudioPRO Two-Layer Take-Down Umbrella is used to soften the light giving you an even light. It sets up easily just like an umbrella. Use just as a translucent umbrella or attach covers for reflective surface-- two umbrellas in one! This take down umbrella can convert to our translucent umbrella which is an all white shoot through light modifier umbrella. This umbrella will give you light in a soft and broad ray.  It is constructed of durable and flexible nylon materials and fits easily into many of our StudioPRO lighting equipment bags. Umbrellas are very easy to set up and take down on location or in the studio. They are very affordable light modifier for portraiture as well as video productions. It is also a Black on White Soft Light Umbrella when the pieces are joined making it a reflective umbrella which is used as a light modifier for your continuous lighting setup. Umbrellas provide a soft and wide ray. An umbrella with a white interior will work to bounce light in a pure daylight output providing a lower contrast image. They are very easy to assemble and store, which makes them great for beginners as well as traveling photographers or videographers. 

This StudioPRO 7'6" Black Light Stand is one of the most economical light stands available. It extends to a maximum height of 7'6", and has a 5/8" stud top with a 1/4"-20 thread. Our 7’6” light stand with standard 5/8” stem mount that can mount any of our photography or video light heads. They are adjustable form 2’3” to the full extension of 7’6”. They have easy to lock knobs for height adjustment. Made of die cast aluminum construction these stands are sturdy while still being light weight at 2.5 pounds each. 

The StudioPRO On Location Kit Carrying Soft Case is the ideal case for your traveling lighting studio. This bag makes it easy to transport light stands, umbrellas, and other accessories. 

This zipper bag is made of a durable material, is extremely light weight, and very convenient to carry. This On Location Kit Soft Case makes it possible to pack up your studio anytime, anywhere. The foam padded walls help protect your equipment from becoming damaged.  The included shoulder strap makes it even more convenient especially when you are on the go.


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