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StudioPRO Two 150W/s Monolights 20" Square Softbox Kit Carrying Case

StudioPRO Two 150W/s Monolights 20" Square Softbox Kit Carrying Case

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Technical Specs

The StudioPRO 150W/s AC Monolight is a lightweight and quality strobe flash head with all the controls located on the back of the unit. The housing features sleek design and ventilation. Precisely control the amount of light needed on the back of the head via a digital dial from 2.0 - 6.0, a five stop range with .1 increments. This strobe also has a 75W modeling lamp that can be linked to the flash power settings to be “proportional” to the power output or “free” at full 75W. A built in optical slave photocell trigger allows for simple syncing between multiple monolight heads. This monolight has a quick recycle time at less than 2 seconds, which gives the photographer the freedom to photograph the action as it happens. 


This monolight includes all the power cords, bulbs, and sync cords needed to get started. It is equipped with a Bowens style speedring as well as a umbrella mount which allows a great versatility to the type of softbox, reflector, umbrella or any other light modifier. 


This StudioPRO 7'6" Black Light Stand is one of the most economical light stands available. It extends to a maximum height of 7'6", and has a 5/8" stud top with a 1/4"-20 thread. Our 7’6” light stand with standard 5/8” stem mount that can mount any of our photography or video light heads. They are adjustable form 2’3” to the full extension of 7’6”. They have easy to lock knobs for height adjustment. Made of die cast aluminum construction these stands are sturdy while still being light weight at 2.5 pounds each. 


The StudioPRO Square Softbox with Bowens Speedring is used to diffuse strobe lights and provide you with even lighting. The diffusion panels allow you to adjust the output of the strobe head creating a softer more flattering light with open shadows. The portability and lightweight fabrics of this softbox make transportation easy. Using a softbox will dramatically improve your portrait lighting. This softbox fits any strobe with a Bowens Speedring mount.


A square softbox will create short and thin highlights on reflective objects as well as square shaped catch lights in a subject’s eye in a portrait. The larger the softbox, in relation to the subject, the softer the light becomes.  


The StudioPRO On Location Kit Carrying Soft Case is the ideal case for your traveling lighting studio.  This bag makes it easy to transport light stands, umbrellas, and other accessories. 


This zipper bag is made of a durable material, is extremely light weight, and very convenient to carry. This On Location Kit Soft Case makes it possible to pack up your studio anytime, anywhere. The foam padded walls help protect your equipment from becoming damaged.  The included shoulder strap makes it even more convenient especially when you are on the go.


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