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StudioPRO Portrait Speedlight On Camera Flash Kit

StudioPRO Portrait Speedlight On Camera Flash Kit

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SKU: SPK25-001

Key Features:

Technical Specs

    (1) Beauty Dish for Speedlight (SP25-021)

    • 5.5" diameter
    • Made from aluminum
    • Designed to attach to a Speedlight
    • Three (3) Reflectors: Silver, Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold
    • 3 inch center reflectors

(1) Honeycomb and Gels for Speedlight (SP25-024)

  • Attaches to beauty dish for Speedlight
  • Softens light
  • 3 different honeycombs
  • 4 different gel colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Neutral

(1) Snoot for Speedlight (SP25-022)

  •  2 Honeycomb attachments
  • Made with sturdy metal
  • Designed to work with a Speedlight
  • 1.5 inch opening

A StudioPRO Portrait Speedlight On Camera Flash kit designed for the portrait photographer on the go!

The StudioPRO Beauty Dish for speedlight is an essential tool for portrait photographers using speedlights in studio or on location. This beauty dish is designed with a universal fit and comes with rubber fittings and a security strap for a snug fit. This light modifier diffuses the light in a soft and flattering way, creating a light ideal for portraiture. Included are three colored light reflectors that you can swap to change the reflective quality of the light from reflective silver, soft silver, and soft gold. 

These StudioPRO Honeycomb and Gels for Speedlight attach to the Beauty Dish for the Speedlight. The clear/neutral filter is used to diffuse the light  to create a softer light effect. The red, blue, and yellow gels allows the photographer to change the color of the light produced. By attaching the StudioPRO Honeycomb Grid to the beauty dish for the Speedlight you can diffuse and soften the light. 

The StudioPRO Snoot for Speedlight is designed for use with any speedlight. A Snoot is a great accessory for any professional photography studio. Simply slide over the front of the speedlight to create an instant spotlight or hair light effect. Includes a security strap and adjustable rubber fittings for secure fit as well as honeycomb grids to soften the light output. 

Best Photo Uses: portraiture, professional studio, hair light, wedding photography and more!


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