StudioPRO Fluorescent Four 4 Socket AC Power Light Kit With 16"x24" So – Fovitec
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StudioPRO Fluorescent Four 4 Socket AC Power Light Kit With 16"x24" Softboxes, 3600 Watt Output With Carrying Bag

StudioPRO Fluorescent Four 4 Socket AC Power Light Kit With 16"x24" Softboxes, 3600 Watt Output With Carrying Bag

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The StudioPRO Fluorescent Four 4 Socket Head with 16”x24” Softboxes is the perfect all in one softbox kit for beginners as well as professionals. Easily add this kit to your lighting set up. It uses four 5500K Daylight fluorescent bulbs in each head to produce an evenly balanced light. This triple kit produces 3600 watts of incandescent light making it great for photography or video shoots. Fluorescent lights will stay cool to the touch while still providing energy saving bright light output. A softbox is an extremely versatile lighting tool and modifier that can be used as a main light or a fill light to illuminate your subject or scene. It is ideal for portraiture as well as product photography. Each head features adjustable power dials to select left two, right two, or all four bulbs for full power control. This four light kit is perfect for getting an even lighting on a background such as green or blue screens to produce ideal lighting. 

This four light kit includes four 4 sockets, four 16”x24” softboxes, sixteen 45W bulbs, four light stands, and a carrying case. Each articulating head has the ability to forward, back, and then lock in the desired position. The 7’6” light stands are constructed of durable yet light dye cast aluminum. They are sturdy to support your lights at the desired height. The long 16.5-foot power cords are included for easy access to standard U.S. outlets. Each 16”x24” softbox features a dimpled silver lining which reflects the light around the box creating the maximum amount of light output. The soft quality of the light will make any subject look beautiful. Softboxes are an extremely versatile tool for photographers and videographers alike. The sockets feature an umbrella mount/bracket in the center of the head to easily change out and increase your light modifier possibilities. This continuous lighting kit with softbox provides a soft light output for photo or video use with any muslin backdrop. Set up your lights for a dramatic or even photographic look on location or with a seamless background. Our StudioPRO continuous lighting kits are very affordable and easy to get started on your next video or photo studio shoot.

This kit includes our 7’6” light stand with standard 5/8” stem mount that can mount any of our photography or video light heads. They are adjustable from 2’3” to the full extension of 7’6”. They have easy to lock knobs for height adjustment. Made of die cast aluminum construction these stands are sturdy while still being light weight at 2.5 pounds each. 

Our StudioPRO Cool Daylight Fluorescent Photography Video  CFL Light Bulbs deliver true and crisp color with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90. Meaning, they will render your muslin or paper backdrop or background color accurately to camera with the right white balance setting. They are daylight balanced, also known as white balanced, at 5500K Kelvin that makes them easy to be combined with ambient window light. StudioPRO Fluorescent Photography Video Light bulbs are rated to last up to 5+ years at 4+ hours of usage per day. They remain cool to the touch at 90% less heat than incandescent photography bulbs, which makes them great for multiple applications and will reduce your electrical cost. These professional studio lights are based on new technology and produce ultra soft light without harsh shadows. Use your continuous lighting equipment for portraits, videos, food photography, or even as a grow light for indoor plants. StudioPRO fluorescent Photography Video Light bulbs convert electricity more efficiently that an incandescent lamp, or household bulb, which means you get about (5) times more light for the same amount of energy. 

Fluorescent lighting is so easy to use, because you simply plug and go! There is absolutely no camera syncing required, therefore it can be used with any digital or film camera including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, etc. This 4 Socket Light is one or most popular products, because it packs so much wattage and control into one convenient head. StudioPRO fluorescent lamps also convert electricity more efficiently than an incandescent lamp, or household bulb, which means you get about (5) five times more light for the same amount of electricity! 

Best Photo or Video Uses: green or blue screen, interview, portraiture, etc!


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