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StudioPRO Deep Parabolic Softbox - 59"

StudioPRO Deep Parabolic Softbox - 59"

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Key Features:

  • PORTRAIT LIGHTING: Even, wrap-around light output is perfect for full-body and group portraits.
  • SOFT LIGHT: Double diffusion panels produce extremely soft diffused light
  • INNER DIFFUSER: Stop center dot to eliminate hot spots
  • OUTER DIFFUSER: Simply add or remove the outter diffuser for additional light control
  • REFLECTIVE INNER LINING: Easily control any light spill and give a specular look to the image

The 59 inch StudioPRO Deep Parabolic Softbox creates spectacular soft, diffused light that wraps around the subject. It features a silver lining which reflects the light throughout the box creating the maximum amount of light output, and it is equipped with 16 durable lightweight and heat-resistant rods.

The 59 inch StudioPRO Deep Parabolic Softbox is equipped with a removable inner and outer diffusion panel for further control of the light quality, creating perfectly soft diffusion. The 2-stop center dot also incorporates a central circular panel to avoid hotspots, offering the most homogenous light possible. Both diffusers can also be removed to obtain a very crispy and contrasting light, similar to a beauty dish.

  • Full Diameter: 59''
  • Center Depth: 36''
  • Inner diffuser: 48'' diameter
  • Distance from light to inner diffuser: 28''
  • Uses Sixteen 45'' rods
  • Package Dimensions: 48''x11''x2''
  • Weight: 7.75lb


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