StudioPRO Beauty Dish 22" Kit w/ Honeycomb Grid - Bowens (22 Inch) – Fovitec
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StudioPRO Beauty Dish 22" Kit w/ Honeycomb Grid - Bowens (22 Inch)

StudioPRO Beauty Dish 22" Kit w/ Honeycomb Grid - Bowens (22 Inch)

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Key Features:

  • Soft flattering light for fashion & portrait photography
  • Dramatic contrast while maintaining supple & dimensional shadows
  • No hot spots
  • Includes diffuser ’sock’ for a less contrasty, broader light
  • Includes honeycomb grids for more light control 
  • Made for Monolights/Strobes that accept Bowens speedring mounts.

The StudioPRO Beauty Dish 22” with Bowens Speedring is the best light modifier for portrait photographers. This beauty dish truly delivers beautiful lighting onto your subject. The light quality is soft while providing delicate light transitions.

The larger the light source relative to the subject, the softer the light. Additionally a beauty dish will add flattering and natural looking round catchlights in the eyes of your subject. Get that old Hollywood look with this beauty dish!

The StudioPRO Honeycomb Grid for 22"" Beauty Dish - 75 degrees (75°) is the perfect companion to you 22” beauty dish! This grid allows you to better control the light output of your strobe light. By further narrowing the beam with the grid, you are able to direct the light where you need it. Using the grid in conjunction with the beauty dish will produce beautiful and controlled lighting for your portraiture.

(1) StudioPRO Beauty Dish 22" with Bowens Mount Speedring

  • White interior provides a neutral bounce surface with moderate feathering
  • Provides round catchlights in the subject’s eyes
  • No center hot spot
  • Includes diffuser ‘sock’ for broader light spread
  • Accepts honeycomb grids for greater light focus
  • Includes Bowens speedring

(1) StudioPRO Honeycomb Grid for 22" Beauty Dish - 75 degrees

  • 22 Inch diameter
  • 75 degree beam - each side of hexagon measures 1 cm (6x6)
  • Easy Snap-on Design


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