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All-In-One LED Product Photo Light Tent Kit

All-In-One LED Product Photo Light Tent Kit

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Key Features:

  • Contains 1x light tent, 1x white diffuser, 4x backdrops [black, white, gray, blue], 1x power adapter
  • Ideal For Product Photography: Soft, wrap-around lighting is great for photographing small-to-large-sized items
  • Modular: Adjustable front opening accomodates larger products, and included backdrops cover various styles
  • Safe and Energy-Efficient: LEDs feature ultra-low heat output and energy usage
  • Portable: Cube is collapsable, able to be folded completely for easy transportation

Designed for effortless product photography, the Fovitec lighting tent can be quickly assembled and comes with smooth, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting black, white, gray, and blue backgrounds.

The tent contains one LED light panel located at the top to provide bright, daylight-balanced light to the subject. The reflective lining inside the tent combines with the even LED light to minimize shadows and balance the distribution of light. Adjust the front opening according to your needs by closing it up for smaller products and opening it up for larger ones. Utilize the window on the top of the tent for a dynamic bird's eye shooting position. The tent also folds up into a convenient carrying case for storage and transportation.

Cube Dimensions: 24"x24"x24" or 16"x16"x16"
Front Opening: 11"x7"
Removable Diffuser: 17"x16"
LED Bulbs: 120 pcs
Wattage: 50w
Lumens: 5000
Long lasting LED bulbs
Low energy consumption bulbs
Weight: 6 lb.
1x LED light tent
1x white diffuser
1x gray backdrop
1x blue backdrop
1x white backdrop
1x black backdrop
1x power adapter


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