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StudioPRO 4 Socket Photography/Video Light with 16"x24" Softbox

StudioPRO 4 Socket Photography/Video Light with 16"x24" Softbox

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Key Features:

Technical Specs

    • 16”x24” Softbox
    • Umbrella Mount Option
    • Dual Power Control on Back
    • Measures 14” from face to back
    • Weight: 2.2lbs

The StudioPRO 4 Socket Light With 16”x24” Softbox is a great addition to any studio. It features a head with four light sockets that can hold either 45W, 65W, or 85W StudioPRO Daylight Photography Fluorescent spiral bulbs. It also includes a 16”x24” rectangular softbox that diffuses the light into a soft output. The head features two power control switches on the back that give you the option of selecting the left two, right two, or all four bulbs on for full power control.  This light is perfect for photography or video use.  

As with all StudioPRO lights, this light can be mounted onto any standard 5/8” stud light stand. This 4 Head Light Socket can hold our 45W, 65W, or 85W bulb sizes. The articulating head has the ability to forward, back, and then lock in the desired position. The long 16.5 foot power cord is included for easy access to standard U.S. outlets. The 16”x24” softbox features a dimpled silver lining which reflects the light around the box creating the maximum amount of light output. The soft quality of the light will make any subject look beautiful. Softboxes are an extremely versatile tool for photographers and videographers alike. The socket features an umbrella mount/bracket in the center of the head to easily change out and increase your light modifier possibilities. 

Fluorescent lighting is so easy to use, because you simply plug and go! There is absolutely no camera syncing required, therefore it can be used with any camera including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, etc. This 4 Socket Light is one or most popular products, because it packs so much wattage and control into one convenient head. StudioPRO fluorescent lamps also convert electricity more efficiently than an incandescent lamp, or household bulb, which means you get about (5) five times more light for the same amount of electricity! 

Best Photo or Video Uses: green/blue screen, interview, portraiture, etc!


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