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StudioPRO 1200W/s Two Strobe 24"x36" Softbox Kit

StudioPRO 1200W/s Two Strobe 24"x36" Softbox Kit

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The StudioPRO 1200W/s Double Monolight Sync Softbox Umbrella Kit is perfect for the photographer who has or wants to begin using strobe lighting as opposed to continuous lighting. These monolights produce a single, powerful flash of light which captures the image of your subject instantly. This 1200W/s Monolight Kit comes with two softboxes that deliver even, natural light and can easily be adjusted to your specifications. Set up is easy and the kit is lightweight, which makes it ideal for a pop-up shoot anywhere.

The StudioPRO AP-600, 600W/s Monolight has a strong aluminum body and fast recycling time at 2.5 seconds or less. It has all the controls on the back of the head allowing for full customization of power via a digital dial. It is compatible with any light modifier with a Bowens speedring and is equipped with an umbrella mount. All StudioPRO Monolights include the A/C power cord as well as the sync cord to plug the Monolight into an on camera PC port.

Monolights/Strobe heads will give the photographer much more lighting power as well as more lighting control than continuous lighting sources. With Monolights/Strobe heads, photographers are able to use more power, which leads to lower ISOs (less grain/noise), faster shutter speeds (moving subjects), and greater apertures (f/64, f/45, f/32).

The StudioPRO Rectangle Softbox with Bowens Speedring is used to diffuse strobe lights and provide you with even lighting. The diffusion panels allow you to adjust the output of the strobe head creating a softer more flattering light with open shadows. The portability and lightweight fabrics of this softbox make transportation easy. Using a softbox will dramatically improve your portrait lighting.

A rectangle softbox will create long and thin highlights on reflective objects as well as rectangular shaped catch lights in a subject’s eye in a portrait. A rectangular shaped softbox is often used to mimic window light. The larger the softbox, in relation to the subject, the softer the light becomes.  

The StudioPRO Professional Heavy Duty All Metal Light Stand is a tall 8 foot 6 inch light stand with spring cushioning. This heavy duty light stand is constructed of all metal which will give you peace of mind when securing your most precious lighting equipment. This stand can hold strobe flashes or continuous lights including the light modifiers up a total of 35 pounds.


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