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SD-400, 400W/s Monolight

SD-400, 400W/s Monolight

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Key Features:

  • Monolights/Strobe heads give the photographer much more lighting power as well as more lighting control than continuous lighting sources
  • Able to use more power which leads to lower ISOs (less grain/noise), faster shutter speeds (moving subjects), and greater apertures (f/64, f/45, f/32)
  • Fast recycling time of 3 seconds or less

If you are looking for an upgrade to your continuous lighting kit and a long term investment for your shoot then the StudioPRO SD-400 is for you!  SD400W/s Monolight is a well-built and powerful strobe head that makes a great addition to any studio. It has a digital dial which allows the photographer to adjust the power in increments of 1/10th of an f-stop. It is compatible with any light modifier with a Bowens speedring and is equipped with an umbrella mount.  All StudioPRO Monolights include the A/C power cord as well as the sync cord to plug the Monolight into an on camera PC port.   

Best Photography Uses: studio, portraiture, moving subjects, and more!

  • Max Output Power: 400W/s 
  • 7 inch Reflector 
  • Bowens Mount & Lock System 
  • Modeling Lamp: 100W 
  • Guide Number: GN = 65 (ISO 100) 
  • Circle Flash tube: Color Temperature: 5500K 
  • Flash Output Range: 2.0-6.0 ; adjustable in increments of .1; From full 1/1 power to 1/16 power. 
  • Flash f/stop adjustment: Adjusts in increments of 1/10th of a f/stop. 
  • Average flash bulb life: over 8000 flashes 
  • Recycling time: 0.5~3 seconds 
  • Flash Duration 1/500s - 1/1000s
  • Flash Triggering: Optical Slave Photocell, Test Button, Sync cord (included), Wireless trigger compatible (sold separately) 
  • Slave Cell Distance: >30' 
  • Power input: 110V/60Hz 
  • Modeling Light: with ON/OFF Switch. Bulb included, E27 socket, up to 100W 
  • Sync Voltage: DC 5V 
  • Audio Signal: Beep when ready for flash. ON/OFF button 
  • Light Cover to protect bulbs in transportation/storage 
  • Compatible with Bowens Speedring Light Modifiers 
  • Weight: 8lbs 
  • Monolight Head Measures 8" long 
  • Dimensions with Reflector: 13"x9.25"x7" 
  • Power cord, flashtube, 7" reflector, 100W modeling lamp, PC sync cord, and an extra fuse are included.


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