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Quickflip Rotating Bracket

Quickflip Rotating Bracket

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SKU: SP25-013

Key Features:

Technical Specs

  • Attaches to the bottom of the camera

  • Made of heavy duty aluminum

  • Professional black finish

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • 7" depth of dish
  • 6" inner reflector

The StudioPRO Quickflip Rotating Bracket is a versatile tool used for off setting the flash from the camera. By attaching to the base of your camera, you can use the bracket to move the flash to the side, thus changing the angle of the light. Also, it is capable of rotating from vertical to horizontal with a simple flip while keeping the speedlight or other accessory centered above the lens. This helps reduce red eye and soften harsh shadows. It has a custom comfort grip for hours of use.

Best Photo/Video Uses: wedding photography or video, studio, on location, and more!


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