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Folding Portable Studio Shooting Table 24"x40"

Folding Portable Studio Shooting Table 24"x40"

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Key Features:

Technical Specs



      • Contents: 1x acrylic translucent table top, 1x foldable metal table frame


      • Reduces editing time for white backgrounds: Translucent, white diffuser blows out imperfections and reduces editing for professional images


      • Glare-Free: Matte finish eliminates excessive reflections and hot spots from strobes or continuous lights


      • Great for Ecommerce Photography: Ideal for listing products quickly on Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces


        • Wipable Acrylic Surface for Bright & Pure Backgrounds: Clean down table top imperfections to produce desired scenes


    The Fovitec Folding Portable Studio Shooting Table 24”x40” is an easy to use shooting table ideal for product photography and other professional photography. Easily set up lights above and below this table due to its translucent material. The support frame is already preassembled and folds easily together like a chair. Simple place the acrylic surface on top of the frame and secure it via the attached clips. There is no need for extra tools as this item consists of only two pieces to assemble. 


    The shooting table is very convenient and yields professional photographs! It can be used with continuous CFL bulbs or with strobe flash lighting. Easily achieve the smooth white background look without the need for post-production work. 


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