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Double Socket Swivel Photography / Video Fluorescent Fixture

Double Socket Swivel Photography / Video Fluorescent Fixture

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SKU: SP10-004

Key Features:

Technical Specs

  • Mounts on any standard light stand

  • Standard bulb mount

  • Designed for 120V/60Hz

  • Maximum capacity is 85W Bulbs

  • Built-in adjustable umbrella mount

  • Dual on/off switch
  • Each socket independently moves forward and backward
  • 9.5ft AC power cord with 2 prong plug
  • Measures 7"x6"x2.5"

The StudioPRO Double Socket Swivel Fluorescent Light Fixture is compatible with any of our StudioPRO fluorescent bulbs/lamps. This double socket is made of two sturdy polycarbonate housings, and each socket independently tilts forward or backward for precise lighting. Also, it comes with an umbrella holder and light stand mount, which makes it perfect for every photographer or videographer. StudioPRO fluorescent lamps also convert electricity more efficiently than an incandescent lamp, or household bulb, which means you get about (5) five times more light for the same amount of electricity!

StudioPRO Fluorescent light fixtures are so easy to add to your gear. Since StudioPRO fluorescent lamps are Daylight balanced at 5500K, or Kelvin color temperature, they seamlessly mix ambient light with your studio lighting. Small and light-weight, these light fixtures are easy to transport.

Best Photo/Video Use: food, people/portraits, plants, jewelry, crafts, fashion, interviews, and more!

Lamp/Bulb sold separately. Compatible with StudioPRO 45W, 65W, 85W, and 105W lamps. 


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