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Double 600 Daylight S-600D LED Light Panel Kit Background Support

Double 600 Daylight S-600D LED Light Panel Kit Background Support

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Key Features:

What's Included:

  • (2) 7'6" Professional Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand
  • (2) StudioPRO Premium Daylight LED 600 Light Panel Aluminum Casing (S-600D)
  • (1) Background Support System
  • (1) Black, (1) White, And (1) Green Muslin Background (Choose Size)

The StudioPRO Premium Daylight LED 600 Light Panel with Aluminum Casing is a 5600-Kelvin full spectrum daylight balanced LED panel light that is great for photography or video. It has 600 long-lasting individual LED bulbs. It emits 6800 lumens of light at a one meter distance, which is dimmable with a stepless dial located on the back of the light panel. This lightweight unit is great for on location videography or photo shoots. The 600 LED light panel produces a longer illumination than normal compact fluorescent lights, because each LED bulb produces a 30-degree angle beam, directing the light further forward. Included is one soft light filter and one orange filter. The soft light filter is used to soften the light output, and the orange filter is used to balance any green/blue light to make the light temperature more tungsten. 

The StudioPRO Premium Daylight LED 600 Light Panel with Aluminum Casing is a lightweight and powerful professional LED lighting source. The aluminum casing allows weightless, yet strong protection for your lights. It is mounted on a U-shaped bracket, which makes it easy to position within 360 degrees. It can be used on any of our StudioPRO light stands. This LED Studio Light connects with 100V-240V A/C power through an A/C power adapter. The 600 LED video panel packs 600 individual LED bulbs that provide clean and bright 5600K daylight balanced illumination. It features a dimmer located on the back of the head for complete lighting customization. This head generates virtually no heat, which makes it great for long photography, or video shoots. It is compatible with a Sony V-Lock battery (sold separately) that would make it completely cordless and extremely easy to transport. 

This kit includes our 7’6” light stand with standard 5/8” stem mount that can mount any of our photography or video light heads. They are adjustable from 2’3” to the full extension of 7’6”. They have easy to lock knobs for height adjustment. Made of die cast aluminum construction these stands are sturdy while still being light weight at 2.5 pounds each.

The 10’ Studio Background Support System with Carrying Case is an integral part of any photography or video studio set up. Easily assemble with two 8'6" light stands and a four-section crossbar to hang your muslin backdrop or paper roll background. The crossbar holds most backgrounds making it extremely versatile. The background extends to 8'6" tall and 10 feet wide. It is possible to adjust the background to 6'6" wide as well. It is perfect for portraiture, interviews, or any other photo or video studio production. Safely store your background support system away in the included custom carrying case or take it on location. 

The StudioPRO 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop is made from high quality cotton Muslin material. The muslin is lightweight, which allows for easy folding and transport. You can drape it or let it hang straight to create different looks. This is a great accessory for any studio photographer or videographer. It creates an appealing solid background which helps the subject stand out in the image. Muslin material will not reflect any light back into your final image. Muslin is very easy to store and care for and can be washed since it is 100% cotton. Use these backgrounds over and over for many different studio productions.  

Best Photo/Video Uses: interviews, still photography, and product videos (we use these lights for our videos!), and more! 


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