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Double 1200 Daylight S-1200DN LED Light Kit

Double 1200 Daylight S-1200DN LED Light Kit

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Key Features:

  • 1200 LEDs each
  • Daylight color balanced at 5600K
  • Low heat emission
  • Dimmable lights with for accurate adjustment
  • 2 x Air cushioned light stands

Do you need lights that will produce a white, clean light and come equipped with a dimmer switch? This StudioPRO Double 1200 LED Video Light Kit will make a great addition to your studio because they allow you to adjust the brightness and give you total light control. Our StudioPRO LED Video Lights are easy to set up and come with separate color gels. By choosing StudioPRO LED Video Lights you will be using 75% less electricity, 80% less heat, and bulbs that last much longer than compared to conventional lighting methods. These lights are made of high-quality aluminum which makes them extremely easy to transport and allow you the ability to create your studio anytime, anywhere.

Included with your LED kit is one soft light filter used to soften the light output, and one orange filter used to balance any green/blue light to make the light temperature more tungsten. Barndoors are another very useful light modifier that complete the kit. Professionals use them to further control their lighting by focusing in and directing the light output to where you need it. The entire panel stays cool to the touch generating little to no heat. Both panels are compatible with a Sony V-Lock battery (sold separately) that would make it completely cordless and extremely easy to transport. 

Best Photo/Video Uses: interviews, still photography, and product videos (we use these lights for our videos!), and more!

(2) StudioPRO Professional Heavy Duty All Metal Light Stand - 8'6"

  • Material: Iron, Aluminum
  • Maximum Height: 8’6”
  • Closed Length: 30 Inches
  • Closed Depth: 3.5 Inches
  • Center Shaft: 1.25 Inches
  • Footprint: 30 Inches
  • Product Weight: 4.4
  • Pounds Box: 31 x 3.5 x 3.5 Inches
  • Able to hold up to 35 lbs.
  • Rubber Feet

    (2) StudioPRO Premium Daylight LED 1200 Light Panel Aluminum Casing

    • Model Number: S-1200DN 
    • Daylight 5600K balanced light output 
    • Dimmable, flicker free dial 
    • Includes diffusion filter, amber/orange filter; power cord and converter 
    • Weight: 8.5 lbs 
    • LED Count: 1200 
    • CRI > 90 
    • Illumination: 
    • 13900 Lux at 1 meter 
    • 3950 Lux at 2 meters 
    • 1200 Lux at 3 meters 
    • Wattage: 72W 
    • V-lock battery compatible 
    • Power adapter included 100V-240V 
    • Panel Dimensions: 15x3x16 inches


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