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Ring lights are a go-to for content creators regardless of industry or skill levels. Their ease-of-use and flattering light quality allow you focus on what you do best: making great content!

At Fovitec, we are much more than just some lighting supplier. We are a team of photographers, videographers, graphic designers and creators, with more than 50 years of combined professional experience working in the field. Our focus is on providing other creators with the best tools needed to create top-quality content, at an unbeatable value. We used our knowledge and experience to bring you the perfect ring light, combining all of the features you need, without forcing you to pay for gimmicks and frills you don't.

Oh, and we've thrown in a compact travel light stand for you too! This aluminum stand folds down to just 19" and extends up to 6'.

AC When you want it, DC when you need it!

Every Fovitec LED Ring Light comes with a multi-voltage AC power plug, meaning you can plug in your light anywhere in the world without worrying about voltage adapters (you will still need a plug adapter though!). But what if you don't have access to a wall outlet?!? We've got you covered! Our light has two built-in NP-F battery plates (batteries not included), giving you the ability to shoot anywhere, anytime!

TRUE Bi-Color

The only thing worse than trying to keep track of a bunch of orange clip-on "gels" is trying to actually attach them to your light! We've done away with the archaic interchangeable orange plates in favor of a color adjustment knob that allows you to dial in the color temperature of your light to match your ambient light and give you the EXACT look you're going for.


Large Diameter

There are a lot of smaller ring lights these days, but we opted to stick with a more traditional, large size. Here's why:

Better Light Quality - The large diameter allows light to reach around the sides of the face, above the brow, and below the chin, creating a more gradual light fall-off and softer transitions between highlights and shadows.

Less Lens Distortion - Using smaller ring lights forces you to place your light and camera closer to your subject and shoot with wide-angle lenses. Wide-angle lenses used too close will cause distortion that unnaturally elongates the face and warps facial features. Having a larger diameter means you can back up and shoot with longer focal lengths without your light getting in the way. This allows you to fill the frame without looking like a caricature! 

Bigger Catchlights - The iconic "ring" reflection in the eye (catchlight) is one of the major selling points for a ring light. Small ring lights create very small catchlights that can often resemble a standard light source. Ring lights with larger diameters create larger catchlights that grab your viewers' attention.

Built-in 3D Diffuser

We are firm believers that diffusers should... actually diffuse the light!

Rounded Shape - Instead of using another collection of transparent clip-on plates, we molded a rounded, opaque front diffuser. This 3D shape more evenly spreads the light in all directions, creating a softer light quality that wraps around the face, resulting in reduced specularity (shine) and a gradual transition from highlight to shadow.

Durable Construction - Having a single piece of molded plastic built directly onto the face of the light means not having to worry about missing pieces and less assembly time, saving valuable time.

Frosted Material - Our built-in diffuser is made of a single piece of frosted UV-coated plastic. The increased opacity of our diffuser helps minimize specularity (shine) and produce smoother skin tones.


Also, what's with that nasty green color tint?!? Ew...


Color Accuracy

Speaking of nasty green tints, you won't have to worry about them with our light! Green and magenta color shifts and low vibrancy are a result of having a low CRI (a 0-100 scale that measures how accurately a light source replicates color). Our competitor with the nasty green color tint has an 82 CRI (that's a B- in our book!). Ours has a 96 CRI. So whether you're setting up for a portrait session, filming a makeup tutorial, or restoring priceless pieces of art, you know your colors and tones will be true.

 LED Count 480 SMD LED Chips
Watt Usage 48W
Color Temperature 3200 - 6500K
CRI 96+
Lumens 1690

@0.5m: 2000 lux

@1m: 670 lux

@2m: 155 lux

Operating Voltage 100 - 240V
Battery Compatibility 2 x NP-F Mount Batteries (not included)

Outer: 19"

Inner: 14"

Light Stand Height

Max: 6'3"

Folded: 19"

1 - Bi-Color 19" LED Ring Light
1 - 6'3" Compact Light Stand
1 - Ball Mount Phone/Camera Clip
1 - Ring Light Carrying Case


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