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675W Single Socket Fluorescent Three Light Black on Silver Umbrella Kit

675W Single Socket Fluorescent Three Light Black on Silver Umbrella Kit

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Key Features:

  • Main/Key light, fill light, and backlight for a complete portrait set up
  • Professional equipment at the beginner's price
  • 3 x 45 Watts total for 135W CFL draw equivalent to 675W incandescent output
  • Black and silver umbrellas provide a wide ray with higher contrast
  • Easy to set up! Entire kit fits in the included case

Do you shoot product photography and have a small to medium space to work? The StudioPRO 675W Single Socket Fluorescent Three Light Umbrella Kit is an essential piece for any photographer’s studio. The benefit of having this StudioPRO Triple Light Kit is that one of the lights can be positioned as your main light source and focus on your subject, the other light can be used for your fill light and aid in lowering your contrast levels, and the mini light stand can be used for back-lighting.

This Triple Light Umbrella Kit features two 33” Black On Silver Soft Light Umbrellas that are very compact when traveling from shoot to shoot. The zipper bag is made of a durable material, is lightweight, and very convenient to carry. This bag makes it possible to pack up your studio anytime, anywhere with foam padded walls help protect your equipment from becoming damaged. Fluorescent lighting is so easy to use, because you simply plug and go!  

Fluorescent bulb Watts x 5 = Incandescent Watts per bulb. 

(2) 7'6" Professional Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand

  • Height: Adjustable from 2.3"" - 7’6" 
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs 
  • Closed Length: 27" 
  • Stem: 5/8” 
  • Stem Screw: 1/4" 
  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction 
  • Quick and Easily Fold 
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Tipped Legs 
  • Quick Release Levers for Smooth Height Adjustments 

(1) Mini-Light Stand

  • height adjustable from 18.1" - 3'6" 
  • Weight: 1.1lbs 
  • Closed length of 18" 
  • Stem:5/8" and Stem Screw: 1/4" 

(3) Single Socket Swivel AC Fluorescent Fixture

  • Standard Bulb Mount 
  • Maximum capacity is 85W 
  • Built-in adjustable umbrella mount 

(2) 33" Black on Silver Umbrella

  • Easy open design
  • Collapses for easy storage and travel

(3) 45W Photo Fluorescent Spiral Daylight Light Bulb

  • Energy savings up to 80% 
  • Color temperature: 5500K 
  • Designed for use at 120V/60 HZ 
  • Light output: 5,600LM 
  • CRI 90 
  • Standard screw-in base 

(1) Lighting Equipment Carrying Bag

  • 30”x8"X6"


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