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Think of Fovitec's Collapsible Scrim's as a "big brother" to standard collapsible reflector discs. Unlike traditional reflector discs, Fovitec's Collapsible Scrim's are built around a robust aluminum tube frame, providing added strength and stability when used on location.

The lightweight aluminum frame sets up in seconds and folds down into a compact carry bag. The included diffusion and reflective materials are equiped with elastic straps that slip securely over the corners of the aluminum frame, allowing for quick changes when on set.

The included boom arm extends an additional 6', giving you a total reach of 8'! This allows you to position the scrim in hard-to-reach places. The scrim frame can also be mounted to a standard light stand (not included).


Softens light, creating a more flattering light on your subject. Often times, simply softening and redirecting harsh sunlight is all that needs to be done to create stunning, natural-looking portraits. Whereas most diffusers on a standard disc reflector are a single-stop diffuser (cuts light output in half), Fovitec's heavy-duty scrims come with a 2-stop diffuser, meaning they cut the light output by 75%. This makes them perfect for use outside in extremely bright ambient situations.


Increases specular highlights, adds contrast, and creates defined shadows. Being the most reflective surface, the silver reflector can evenly balance out the harsh shadows of the sun when used up close and can project light farther than other reflective surfaces.


Arguably the most flattering reflective surface because of the soft quality of light it produces. White reflectors cast very soft, even light on your subjects that help smooth out skin tones and imperfections. As white is not as reflective as silver, white reflectors need to be used at relatively close distances and are ideal for close-up portraits and headshots.

Frame Material Aluminum
Reflective Surfaces Silver, White, Translucent
Diffuser Light Loss 2 Stops
Shape Square
Boom Arm Length 2' min. - 8' max.
Open Dimensions 44 x 44 x 1"
Closed Dimensions (in bag) 39 x 5 x 5"
Weight 6.5 lbs

1 - Aluminum Frame
1 - 2-Stop Diffusion Scrim Fabric
1 - White/Silver Fabric
1 - Light Stand Mount
1 - Boom Extension Arm
1 - Carrying Case


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