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3000W Triple 5 Socket Softbox Kit Background Support

3000W Triple 5 Socket Softbox Kit Background Support

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Key Features:

  • Main/Key light, fill light, and hair or backlight for a complete portrait set up with backdrops.
  • 15 x 45 Watts total for 675W CFL draw equivalent to 3000W incandescent output
  • Softboxes diffuse the light to create flattering portraits.
  • Includes three muslin backdrops: white, black, and Chroma key green. (Choose Size)
  • Easily dial in the amount of light you need with the switch controls on each light head.

StudioPRO's 3000W Triple 5 Socket Fluorescent Softbox Kit with Background Support would be a wonderful addition to your studio. Our Fluorescent 5 Socket Light Head mounts onto most standard light stands and puts the lighting control in your hands with on/off switches to the individual sockets.

Our 3000W Triple 5 Socket kit comes with specialized StudioPRO softboxes that are essential light diffusers that every photographer should have. Includes background support system bag for convenient storage of background rods and stands. 

The StudioPRO 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop is made from high quality cotton Muslin material. The muslin is lightweight, which allows for easy folding and transport. You can drape it or let it hang straight to create different looks.

This is a great accessory for any studio photographer or videographer. It creates an appealing solid background which helps the subject stand out in the image. Muslin material will not reflect any light back into your final image.Use these backgrounds over and over for many different studio productions. 

Best Photo/Video Uses: interviews, still photography, and product videos (we use these lights for our videos!), and more!

(3) 7'6" Professional Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand

  • Height: Adjustable from 2.3" - 7'6" 
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs 
  • Closed Length: 27" 
  • Stem: 5/8" 
  • Stem Screw: 1/4" 

(3) Five Socket Light Socket with softbox

  • Mounts on any standard light stand 
  • Standard Bulb Mount 
  • Maximum capacity is 85W 
  • Holds up to 5 bulbs 
  • 3 individual on/off switches on the back 

(15) 45W Photo Fluorescent Spiral Daylight Light Bulbs

  • Energy savings up to 80% 
  • Color temperature: 5500K 
  • Light output: 5600LM 
  • CRI 90 
  • Standard screw-in base 

(1) Background Support System with (1) 10' x 20' Black Muslin,(1) 10' x 20' White Muslin, and (1) 10' x 20' Green Muslin Backdrops

  • 3 sections extends to 10' wide 
  • Adjustable width from 6.5' to 10' 
  • Adjustable background support stands extend 7'6" tall 
  • Holds muslin, canvas, or paper rolls 
  • Disassembles quickly and easily 
  • Includes padded carrying case for components


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