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3 Filter Kit - UV, Polarizing, Fluorescent (Select Size)

3 Filter Kit - UV, Polarizing, Fluorescent (Select Size)

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SKU: SP62-002-52

Key Features:

Technical Specs

  • UV Coated Filter

  • Circular Polarizer Filter

  • Fluorescent Light Correction Filter

  • Threaded

  • Protects lens

The StudioPRO UV Filter is a general use clear filter that helps absorb UV light. No coloration or contrast is provided allowing you to pair it with other filters. The Polarizer filter cuts out glare and haze from water, glass or any non-metallic surface. Best used when the sun is behind you and provides more vivid colors. A Fluorescent filter helps correct color when shooting without a flash under fluorescent light by removing the yellow/green cast produced by fluorescent bulbs. In natural light settings this filter increases color saturation. It is also useful as a lens protector by reducing dust and moisture from your lens element as well as preventing scratches directly on the lens glass.


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