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225W Single Socket Fluorescent One Light with Flood Reflector & Boom Kit

225W Single Socket Fluorescent One Light with Flood Reflector & Boom Kit

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SKU: SPK10-003

Technical Specs

The StudioPRO Single Socket Fluorescent One Light with Flood Reflector and Boom Kit will be sure to satisfy your basic studio lighting needs. This continuous studio light kit would make a great addition to your studio. The kit comes equipped with a daylight balanced compact fluorescent light bulb great for shooting digital photography. This kit is perfect if you’re a beginner and are interested in using fluorescent continuous lighting in your studio. This kit comes equipped with a 5ft Boom Arm that gives you the ability to try various lighting angles by positioning your lights above or behind you subject as well as a 5” Floodlight Reflector. Fluorescent bulb Watts x 5 = Incandescent Watts per bulb.

The StudioPRO Professional Heavy Duty All Metal Light Stand is a tall 8 foot 6 inch light stand with spring cushioning. This heavy duty light stand is constructed of all metal which will give you peace of mind when securing your most precious lighting equipment. This stand can hold strobe flashes or continuous lights including the light modifiers up a total of 35 pounds.

The StudioPRO Basic Boom Arm is a transportable boom kit that provides a method to position light fixtures, reflectors and softboxes above a subject for a hair light or back light. This kit is equipped with a sandbag for a counterweight. It can be mounted to a stand or held by an assistant. Sand not included. 

The StudioPRO Premium Porcelain Fluorescent Light Socket is compatible with any of our StudioPRO fluorescent bulbs/lamps. This socket is made of a sturdy metal housing, and it tilts forward or backward for precise lighting. It features a porcelain ceramic lamp housing and a wooden handle that keeps the unit cool to the touch. Also, it comes with an umbrella holder and light stand mount, which makes it perfect for every photographer or videographer.

The StudioPRO Floodlight Reflector is made of heavy-grade aluminum and are hand-spun, as well as, chemically etched to maximize the light output. This reflector has a black painted exterior. The reflector mount size is 1 5/8" and mounts on the StudioPRO Porcelain Socket with Adjustable Umbrella Mount (SP10-003). This light modifier helps to direct the light as well as reflect the light rays in a wider output.  

Fluorescent lighting is so easy to use, because you simply plug and go! There is absolutely no camera syncing required, therefore it can be used with any digital, film, or analog camera including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, etc. 


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