Grey Card for White Balance - 12"

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Fovitec's 12" Grey Card for White Balance is a simple, yet helpful tool designed to give you the most realistic colors in your images. Dyed perfectly to the industry-standard 18% grey, these powerful tools help you calibrate your camera to ensure perfect colors in any environment. There are two ways to use this tool.

Use to set a Custom White Balance in-Camera:

Setting a custom white balance at the beginning of a photo shoot will save you a ton of time in post-production! See your camera manual for specific instructions on how to do this. Once you find out how to set a custom white balance, taking a picture of a grey card will allow your camera to automatically make the necessary color adjustments to ensure proper colors. NOTE: You'll need to set a new custom white balance every time you change locations. 

"I used these extensively while shooting NCAA basketball. The lighting in the arenas varied from one to another (and Key Arena in Seattle is the WORST! Nasty green tints!). Using a grey card such as this allowed me to achieve a perfect white balance as soon as I stepped foot in the arena!" Steven Squires, Fovitec's Director of Operations     


Use to correct colors in post-production:

No time to set a custom white balance at the beginning of the shoot? Moving locations a lot during your shoot? No worries! Simply photograph the grey card at the beginning of your shoot and again at each new location. In post-production, you can select the grey card in your image as the sample point for the white balance. Your computer will adjust the colors for you, ensuring perfect colors in your image. Next, select all of the images you took under this lighting environment and perform a "batch edit" to apply the same color edits to the rest of your images.

 Frame Material Steel
Color 18% Grey
Open Diameter 12"
Closed Diameter 4"
1 - Grey Card
1 - Carrying Case


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