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100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop 10'x12' (Select Color)

100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop 10'x12' (Select Color)

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Key Features:

  • Pure white, non-glare 100% cotton muslin cloth for photography or video productions
  • Machine washable: Allow 5-8% shrinkage
  • Finished and professional seams to prevent tears
  • Hang using the 3" pocket along 10' edge or by using muslin clamps                                 (sold separately)
  • Adds a professional look with this clean, white muslin backdrop

Are you a photographer on the go?  This StudioPRO 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrop is lightweight, allowing for easy folding and transporting.  If your goal is to create multiple looks using only one backdrop then you have found it! You can drape it or let it hang straight making this a great accessory for any studio photographer or videographer.

Your subject will stand out more than ever with this solid color background and the light will not bounce around because of the high quality cotton material.  Say goodbye to stains, dust or dirt because this muslin can be washed over and over again making it easy to care for.  This backdrop will be a favorite long term necessity for many studio productions to come!

  • 100% Cotton to absorb the light and eliminate reflection
  • Seamless; made from one piece of material
  • 3” pocket for hanging
  • Machine washable; allow 5-8% shrinkage
  • Crimped along edge to prevent tears
  • Lightweight


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