Studio Softbox Guide - Octagon Softbox

Octagon Softbox

At Fovitec we are obsessed with our octobox softboxes. We believe every photographer should have an octobox in their photography arsenal, but how does an octobox compare to a regular softbox? Octagonal softboxes produce natural looking lighting and round catch lights in the eyes of your subjects. Compare this to a rectangular softbox that leaves a tell-tale specular highlight that doesn’t look as natural on many curves or reflective surfaces. Due to its unique shape, light will not fall off as quickly with an octobox compared to a rectangular softbox.

Despite what you may have heard, size does matter in the photography world. A larger octobox will cover the same area as a smaller light, but the difference is the quality of light that a larger box produces. Pair this with the octangular shape of (product name) and you will have soft, even lighting that ensures every photographer will have at least one in their softbox supply.

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