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$ 179.95
The Fovitec StudioPRO 600XD Daylight Panel is perfect for 1-4 people video shoots, product videos, stop-motions, etc. by amateurs and aspiring professionals. It has 600 long-lasting bulbs that provide flicker-free, daylight balanced light for well-lit video shoots. The white balance of this light is set at 5600 Kelvin, which is...
$ 55.95
Tie-Dye Gray
Tie-Dye Blue
Tie-Dye Brown
Tie-Dye Red
Contents: 1x black/white, double-sided, folding background, 1x 27" diameter bag Portable: Muslin backdrop is collapsable and folds into a circle for easy storage and transportation Ideal for portrait photography or video: Set up reversible backgrounds in seconds for quick, simple shoots or YouTube & Twitch streaming sessions Durable Construction: The...
$ 19.95
Soft White
The Fovitec LED filter light modifier for 600 LED in amber is a customer filter for use with your Fovitec 600 LED panel (Daylight or Bi-Color). The filter will create a flattering light for portrait photography, product photography, baby photography, or any other photo or video shoot that needs to...
$ 11.95
Contents: 1x 30 watt bulb 90+ CRI: Daylight-balanced, 5500K CFL bulbs deliver true and accurate colors for most uses video and photography uses Energy-Efficient: Rated to last 5+ years at 4+ hours of usage per day with energy savings up to 80% Flicker-Free: Ideal for regular-use lighting, photography, and unimpeded...
$ 25.95
The Fovitec Pop Out Muslin Background & Reflector Clip Light Stand Support is a holder designed for the solo photographer or videographer in mind! It is very easy to assemble the support system, and then simply attach your pop out background or reflector panel. Made of aluminum, this stand and...
$ 25.95
Contents: 1x 7'6" light stand only (bags sold separately) Designed for Photography & Video: Universal stand threads are designed to fit most monolights/strobes, continuous lights, and accessories Height Adjustable: Measures 2'4" when closed, extending from 2'8" to 7'6" Stable Mounting Solution: For maximum stability, keep tripod leg supports parallel to...
$ 169.95
Contents: 1x daylight LED, 1x 7" reflector Precision Intensity Control & Digital Readout: Includes a stepless, flicker-free brightness knob tunable using the LED display Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, & Instagram influencers For Professional-Grade Indoor & Outdoor Videography: Bowens accessories compatible Powerful & Color Accurate:...
$ 119.95
The Fovitec photo/video 18" dimmable ring LED light 5500K is a full-spectrum, daylight balanced LED panel light that is perfect for both photography and videography. The circular shape of the LED lights evenly illuminates the subject, making this light perfect for portraits and vlogging. The ring includes one, four-piece diffusion...
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$ 124.99
The Fovitec Daylight 650 LED Panel is the ideal, compact, continuous light source for any amateur or aspiring professional. The panel has 600, long-lasting bulbs that provide bright, flicker-free, daylight balanced light for well-lit video shoots. The brightness of the 650 LED is equivalent to the brightness of the full-sized...
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Contents: 1x rechargable V-Mount lithium ion battery, 1x AC adapter (D-Tap) Up to 7 Hours of Operation: The high-capacity li-ion battery is capable of powering a daylight 600 bulb Fovitec LED panel at full brightness for extended shoots Long Standby Time: Retains its charge for up to several months Compact...
$ 69.95
Contents: 1x 7'6" stand, 1x 20"x28" softbox, 1x inner diffuser, 1x 5 socket head, 5x 45W bulbs Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram vlogging Improves Facial Complexion and Reduces Overexposure: Fills in harsh shadows, creating more evenly-lit subjects 90+ CRI: Daylight balanced 5500K CFL,...
$ 99.95
Contents: 2x 20 inch square softbox, 2x single socket heads, 2x 7'6" stands, 2x 105 watt bulbs 90+ CRI: Daylight balanced 5500K CFL, 105 W bulbs, deliver true and accurate colors for most uses Hassle-Free: Set-up in seconds by folding out the softbox and snapping the center ring on the...
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$ 87.95
Contents: 1x roller bag (inner dimensions: 28.5" x 9.5" x 9.5"), 1x top cover padding, 2x big dividers, 3x small dividers Ideal for On-The-Go: The carry straps & built-in easy glide wheels provide easy transport Adjustable Interior Compartments: Arrange the velcro dividers to store equipment of different shapes and sizes...
$ 13.95
White / Translucent
Contents: 1x 33" white/translucent umbrella, 1x black & silver cover Ideal for Studio Portraits & Product Photography: Enhances the lighting on a subject or product Modular Reflector Umbrella: Creates an open shade or soft glow effect, used as a shoot-through or diffuser Lightweight & Durable: The cast iron shaft and...
$ 17.95
Contents: 1x 7"reflector (only) Compatibility: For use with strobes and monolights or Bowens Type-S speed ring compatible continuous lights and LEDs Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Studio Photography: Great for portrait, fashion, beauty, ecommerce, and art Shapes & Controls Light: Narrows light beam to 55 degrees and increases intensity, accurately...
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$ 14.95
Contents: 1x heavy duty clamp Carries All Weights & Sizes: Heavy Steel construction firmly holds reflectors, backdrops & diffusers in place Attachable to Light Stand: Set your reflector without the need for assistance Aids in Outdoor Photography: Angles foam board to manipulate natural light sources 180 Degree Adjustable Tilt Setting:...
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The Fovitec LED Softbox Light Modifier takes your 600 LED panels to the next level of professionalism. The soft diffusion adds greater control and options to your light set up. Simply use the straps to attach this softbox to your Daylight or Bi Color LED panel. The softbox requires no...
$ 17.95
The Fovitec LED filter light modifier is a lightweight filter designed to easily slip into the front loading filter slot of the Fovitec portable photo video daylight or bi color LED light panel (SP11-017-650 and SP11-018-650.) Diffuse your light through the durable frosted acrylic filter for super soft lighting for...
$ 24.95
The Fovitec LED Carrying Case for one JL-650 LED video light panel is the perfect travel and storage bag for a single Fovitec Portable Photo Video Daylight or Bi-Color 650 LED Light Panel and its accessories. The bag is padded on all sides with a durable nylon exterior for protecting...
$ 45.95
Contents: 1x duffle bag (inner dimensions: 35" x 9" x 9"), 1x top cover padding, 1x adjustable shoulder strap, 3x small dividers Ideal for On-The-Go: The dual zipper & velcro fastener make for easy and secure packing Adjustable Interior Compartments: Arrange the velcro dividers to store equipment of different shapes...
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