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Not sure where to begin with photography and videography lighting? Browse our most popular items to see what other professionals are using, or feel free to give us a call - we're always happy to point you in the right direction!
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$ 179.95
The Fovitec 600XD Daylight LED panel is perfect for 1-4 people video shoots, product videos, stop-motions, etc. by amateurs and aspiring professionals. It has 600 long-lasting bulbs that provide flicker-free, daylight balanced light for well-lit video shoots. The white balance of this light is set at 5600 Kelvin, which is...
$ 45.95
Contents: 2x 7'6" VR lighthouse stands, 2x tripod mini ball head mounts, 1x equipment carrying case VR Compatible: Ideal for pairing with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift sensors for temporary or permanent gaming set-ups Adjustable Positioning: Swivel mount devices and move your tripods without the hassle of wall-mounting Compact:...
$ 55.95
Tie-Dye Gray
Tie-Dye Blue
Tie-Dye Brown
Tie-Dye Red
Contents: 1x black/white, double-sided, folding background, 1x 27" diameter bag Portable: Muslin backdrop is collapsable and folds into a circle for easy storage and transportation Ideal for portrait photography or video: Set up reversible backgrounds in seconds for quick, simple shoots or YouTube & Twitch streaming sessions Durable Construction: The...
$ 75.95
The Fovitec Square EZ Set-Up Softbox Light Kit is the perfect kit for beginners and professionals alike. It includes two square 20"x28" quick set up softboxes. Simply push the center of the the light, and the softbox will take shape while locking into place. This kit will deliver a broad...
$ 11.95
Contents: 1x 30 watt bulb 90+ CRI: Daylight-balanced, 5500K CFL bulbs deliver true and accurate colors for most uses video and photography uses Energy-Efficient: Rated to last 5+ years at 4+ hours of usage per day with energy savings up to 80% Flicker-Free: Ideal for regular-use lighting, photography, and unimpeded...
$ 99.99
Celestial Blue - Red Brick
Cloudy Blue - Bleached Wood
Earth Brown - Old Town Brick
Galaxy Blue - Cabin Wood
Lunar Gray - Blue Wood
Mars Red - Grunge Brick
Meteor Gray - White Wood
Neptune Blue - Seaside Wood
Contents: 1x folding background, 1x 27" diameter bag Portable: Muslin backdrop is collapsable and folds into a circle for easy storage and transportation Ideal for Photography & Video Streaming: Complements uses such as web streaming, teleconferencing, vlogging, and online interviews Supports Portrait & Landscape Shooting Options: Velcro loops positioned on...
$ 69.95
Contents: 1x 7'6" stand, 1x 20"x28" softbox, 1x inner diffuser, 1x 5 socket head, 5x 45W bulbs Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram vlogging Improves Facial Complexion and Reduces Overexposure: Fills in harsh shadows, creating more evenly-lit subjects 90+ CRI: Daylight balanced 5500K CFL,...
$ 269.95
StudioPRO's 3000W Triple 5 Socket Fluorescent Softbox Kit with Background Support would be a wonderful addition to your studio. Our Fluorescent 5 Socket Light Head mounts onto most standard light stands and puts the lighting control in your hands with on/off switches to the individual sockets. Our 3000W Triple 5...
$ 84.95
Use as a main/key light or fill light for soft portrait lighting . 7 x 45 Watts total for 315W CFL draw equivalent to 1600W incandescent output. Professional equipment at the beginner's price! There is absolutely no camera syncing required, therefore it can be used with any camera including Canon,...
$ 39.95
Contents: 2x lamp heads, 2x stands, 2x 30 watt CFL bulbs Ideal For Product Photography: Lamps for use with 30W CFL bulbs fully illuminate lighting tents or small items in close-up shoots Continuous Lighting: Non-flash lighting compatible with all cameras without syncing Energy-Efficient: CFLs feature low heat output and energy...


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