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$ 17.95
Contents: 1x 7"reflector (only) Compatibility: For use with strobes and monolights or Bowens Type-S speed ring compatible continuous lights and LEDs Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Studio Photography: Great for portrait, fashion, beauty, ecommerce, and art Shapes & Controls Light: Narrows light beam to 55 degrees and increases intensity, accurately...
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$ 39.95
Contents: 2x lamp heads, 2x stands, 2x 30 watt CFL bulbs Ideal For Product Photography: Lamps for use with 30W CFL bulbs fully illuminate lighting tents or small items in close-up shoots Continuous Lighting: Non-flash lighting compatible with all cameras without syncing Energy-Efficient: CFLs feature low heat output and energy...
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$ 69.95
Contents: 1x 7'6" stand, 1x 20"x28" softbox, 1x inner diffuser, 1x 5 socket head, 5x 45W bulbs Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram vlogging Improves Facial Complexion and Reduces Overexposure: Fills in harsh shadows, creating more evenly-lit subjects 90+ CRI: Daylight balanced 5500K CFL,...
$ 99.95
Contents: 2x 20 inch square softbox, 2x single socket heads, 2x 7'6" stands, 2x 105 watt bulbs 90+ CRI: Daylight balanced 5500K CFL, 105 W bulbs, deliver true and accurate colors for most uses Hassle-Free: Set-up in seconds by folding out the softbox and snapping the center ring on the...
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$ 194.95
Contents: 2x 7'6" stands, 2x 24"x36" softboxes, 2x 5 socket heads, 2x inner diffusers, 10x 85W bulbs, 1x bag Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram vlogging 90+ CRI: Daylight balanced 5500K CFL, 45 W bulbs, deliver true & accurate colors Energy Efficient: Total output...
$ 49.95
Contents: 1x acrylic translucent table top, 1x foldable metal table frame Reduces Editing Time for White Backgrounds: Translucent, white diffuser blows out imperfections and reduces editing for professional images Glare-Free: Matte finish eliminates excessive reflections and hot spots from strobes or continuous lights Great for Ecommerce Photography: Ideal for listing...
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$ 169.95
Contents: 1x daylight LED, 1x 7" reflector Precision Intensity Control & Digital Readout: Includes a stepless, flicker-free brightness knob tunable using the LED display Great for Online Video & Streaming: Ideal for YouTube, Twitch, & Instagram influencers For Professional-Grade Indoor & Outdoor Videography: Bowens accessories compatible Powerful & Color Accurate:...
$ 89.95
Contains 1x 16" light tent, 1x white diffuser, 4x backdrops [black, white, gray, blue], 1x power adapter Ideal For Product Photography: Soft, wrap-around lighting is great for photographing small-to-large-sized items Modular: Adjustable front opening accomodates larger products, and included backdrops cover various styles Safe and Energy-Efficient: LEDs feature ultra-low heat...


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