Fovitec - Tell Ambient Light To Take A Hike

Right now on the web, video is one of the greater ways to teach DIY projects and recipes. Naturally, many businesses are racing to create quality video content as a tool to attract new customers, but also as a way to create that connection with their customers and truly build their brand.

This month's feature, Mark Anderson, had the opportunity to work with a great company creating a series of overhead DIY videos to show their customers creative ways to use their oils. This may sound like a lengthy project, but with a couple StudioPRO tools Mark had a different, much quicker timeline in mind.



The key importance was choosing equipment that moves as quickly as Mark. His plan was to shoot six unique, lifestyle driven, colorful DIY videos in a single day! The StudioPRO Sun Scrim in size 57" proved to be a treat to work with as Mark stated "he will be taking this item on every shoot moving forward." He described the set up as "quick" because the entire frame folds into itself so there isn't any messing around with snapping pieces together. He also added that switching out the fabric is also really easy since it hooks on the corners which means no Velcro.


"I love how lightweight it is and easy to transport because of its carrying case. It was super easy to pack in my car and although I had an assistant with me I could incorporate it no problem if I was the only person on set." - Mark Anderson


The scrim works well as a handheld modifier or by positioning on a c-stand like shown below. Something so compact and easy to set up quickly is so valuable with a limited crew. 


For photographers, shooting on location in environments not designed primarily for productions can become the norm. Mark expressed that, "It's always an interesting logistical challenge to turn these types of locations into a studio, specifically getting a studio's worth of gear transported and set up in confined spaces." Also, they did their best to control the ambient light in the conference room and toward the end of the day this could have created harsh shadows, but with the light panel reflectors to cut that light out, they faced zero problems. Also, they took up little to no room!


The panel also came in handy in an unforeseen way! Mark told us that "the client thought it would be cool to show someone applying the face mask in a bathroom type setting. Working on the fly we took a piece of fabric and clamped it to the light panel and used that as a quick backdrop." This was a unique way to use the light panel reflectors, but it allowed them to be collaborative on the fly and capture everything the client needed!




As shown above, Mark's goal was to create a very clean looking light with soft shadows. For this set up, an office table was transformed into their shooting area and they simply switched out different surfaces for each video. The primary camera angle was an overhead shot rigged above the table as well as a secondary angle on a tripod below for close ups and cutaways.

Mark eagerly let us know that he's "really excited about what these modifiers allowed us to create. I think modifiers like these scrim’s and light panels are huge for individual or buttoned down crews." Starting the day with one goal and 2 types of light modifiers, they were able to transform a conference room into a working production studio and knock out multiple videos in one day with great success! A job well done, all in a day's work!


Southern California is where Mark Anderson, a freelance videographer, calls home base!  He enjoys working with companies, startups and non profit organizations to create hand crafted video content. Lately, his primary focus has been short form documentaries, brand stories, and product videos. View more of his production on his website!

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