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"Often times a band or artist will only have a few seconds, let alone minutes to spare for a portrait. Within this short period of time I am asked to create visionary, beautifully lit environmental portraits that capture who that artist is and what he/ she/ they are about."

With this quote Christina Craig quickly helped us understand how much or little time she is allotted per shoot. For some, this may excite levels of nerves or even feelings of anxiety, but for many others, this may sound all too familiar [think wedding photography or baby shoots]. This month's feature not only needed quick set up time but also needed gear that makes for a great travel companion so we pointed the way to a couple tools and she showed us the ropes to her profession!


"Music photography involves a lot of traveling
which means that the gear I bring
is the gear I can carry with me on foot." - Christina Craig


To photograph the music industry truly sounds like a dream and while Christina is grateful for the opportunity to work directly with some of her biggest creative influences, it is not without its challenges. In order to keep these challenges at bay, we recommended our StudioPRO Quick Travel Hexagon Softbox. Traveling often limits Christina to working with ambient lighting and/or an external flash and a pocket reflector. After her first experience with this softbox, Christina said "[the hexagon softbox] allows me to move beyond these limits by allowing me to create studio quality control over lighting without compromising the short time I have to work with or limited capacity for carrying gear."




While the hexagon softbox is the perfect travel buddy, it is also quick to set up! Each softbox rod is pre-installed and snaps into and out of place when you assemble or disassemble the softbox. Also, as shown in the images above, the hexagon shape lends itself to beautiful portraits and natural looking catch lights in your subject’s eyes. 

This tool alone gives the photographer a compact and professional look with a more controlled lighting effect. For diffusion, the softbox includes the inner diffuser, outer diffuser, and an additional level of control with an included 50° honeycomb grid. We want users of this product to enjoy the quick set up so you as the photographer can have that opportunity to think fast and not miss the shot that could make or break your career.

How to improve your work with 3 quick tips! 

  • Attach directly on to your camera when working with a moving or still subject for nice, even, diffused frontal lighting
  • Pair your speedlight and camera with a wireless trigger and hold the speed light in one hand while shooting with your camera in the other hand for slightly more control over lighting or for more dramatic options such as side/ above lighting
  • Combine your speedlight and camera with a wireless trigger and either have an assistant hold the speedlight or use a speedlight stand adapter to place on a light stand for full control of your lighting: frontal, side, above or back lighting. [This is Christina's preferred go-to method!]


    When a picture comes together, in that moment, be it right side up or upside down, her life makes sense. Christina Craig praises music & lifestyle photography and sometimes works with video, but is always interested in the deceptively commonplace. With each moment captured and every portrait made her objective never waivers: to seek adventure and electrify the mundane. Ultimately, her work seeks to connect and to be connected. She works freelance- always working and always looking for more. Christina currently resides in the suburbs of Southern California where in addition to photography she enjoys exploring the outdoors, a good read, and the urban farm life with her three pet chickens. To enjoy more of Christina's work or hire her on for your next shoot, check her out!

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