Fovitec- Photographer Finds Control Outside of The Studio

Simplify Your Gear

This new world of photography is all about shooting quality work on the go. If you’re anything like this month's featured artist, Jonathan Benavente, you like equipment to be simple, yet effective. You also like to spend more time developing the concept of the shoot without having to set up multiple light modifiers to feed your soft and harsh light needs. What if there was a tool in which you could do both with one light modifier?

The need to travel with less equipment and save time on set-up were only a couple necessities for Jonathan. With an experimental, innovative and risky approach, Jonathan likes things to be versatile and useful in the studio and outdoors. With the easy snap buttons to set up the deep parabolic softbox along with the sun scrim diffuser, Jonathan was able to spend more time progressing his plan for the shoot versus taking time to set up his equipment. 

Increase Your Options

Many photographers may have an uncomfortable feeling toward using only one light. However, the Deep Parabolic Softbox features a silver lining which reflects the light throughout the box creating the maximum amount of light output. With the removable inner and outer diffusion panels you can enjoy a multitude of different shots. For example, using both diffusion panels creates a soft form of light.


Having the ability to illuminate both the subject and partially the background is possible with the 59" Deep Parabolic Softbox. For a quick and easy set up in a small space, position your main light 5-7 feet from the background so your subject has space to move, but also because this will allow the light to travel past the subject and illuminate the background. Additionally, it will diffuse the subjects shadow so there are zero harsh shadows in the background.

Control the Quality  

The main reason this particular modifier caught Jonathan's eye initially was that he is a fan of big and soft light sources. He also loves the way the shadows fall off smoothly compared to a harder more defined shadow you would get from a smaller, harder light source. With this modifier you also have the option to change up the angle and proximity of the light to your subject using the mounting arm and extender. This allows for more directional control of your light and also adds contrast compared to a regular softbox. The best part is you can use it in the studio or on location for a gorgeous wraparound quality of light.


The Right Tool

A lighting studio or creative lighting technique is not complete however, without the use of some sort of diffusion or reflector on the set. One of the best ways for a photographer to show interpretation of light is with reflectors and scrims. For Jonathan, StudioPRO Collapsible Sun Scrim Diffuser was just the right tool because he could set it up himself within seconds and start shooting much quicker compared to scrims he had experimented with in the past. 


Nature's wonderful light fixtures, the sun and the sky, can be unwieldy, but they come with enough power to allow you to use reflectors and scrims in nearly every situation. If you are an outdoor photographer and looking for that tool to complete your studio, then you may not have to look much further. When shooting with the sun scrim, use the white fabric to bounce a flattering fill light onto your subject. Then use the silver fabric to bounce a fill light with higher contrast. The translucent scrim diffuser acts as a portable softbox outside by diffusing the sun's rays. You may be able to create quite a nice shoot with simply the sun and the scrim; sing with me "Summertime and the livin's easy"..



A Los Angeles based photographer and director, Jonathan Benavente gears his talents toward fashion, portraits, and music. Currently, his directing deals involve music videos and commercial work. See more of this artist on his website.


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