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Star of the Show

Social video websites like YouTube have given people the ability to express themselves in a whole new way by video blogging, or "vlogging". The accessibility of YouTube gives anyone the opportunity to start their own channel and, if they are popular enough, even make a living off of their videos. People can sit down in front of their video or web camera and talk about anything from politics and fitness to pop culture and beauty tutorials. These videos are quickly shared with the world just by uploading them to YouTube. The more views, likes and subscribers, the more success. But what is it that makes some vloggers rise to the top while others fall by the wayside? 

Of course it seems simple at first just to grab a camera, turn it on, and enlighten everyone on your skills and expertise. In some cases, yes, it can be that easy. But you are missing one crucial part of having a successful YouTube channel. A YouTube star, known as Sean Cannell, shows us that the right lighting is the real star of the show.

Light Creates Color

Getting viewers to click on your thumbnail is only the beginning of YouTube success. Viewers have so many options in front of them that video quality is sometimes the only thing making one video stand out from another. Great lighting is important if you want people to watch your YouTube videos from start to finish. It only takes one better looking video in the "Up Next" reel for your viewer to click right away from yours. 

Unfortunately, it is unlikely you will be able to get good quality light from the lamps and ceiling lights in your home. Floor lamps can be useful for filling shadows or for use as back lights, but are not usually powerful enough to use as your main light. If you are going to vlog from inside your house then there is a good chance you will need to invest in some lighting equipment.


After researching the CRI [color rendering index], Sean Cannell chose StudioPRO Premium Bi Color 600 LED lighting kit because the CRI is greater than or equal to 90. He explains, investigating this information is a must when shopping for an LED light because this tells how accurate the color will be when lighting your subject. The lower the CRI, the less accurate the color will be. 

Daylight or Bicolor

Consistency in your videos when vlogging is critical because you are building your look. Essentially, you are building a brand, and when building a brand, consistency is everything. As you can see in the video below, Sean Cannell has a large window behind his "interview like" set up. This will pour a significant amount of natural light into the shot. Use this to your advantage like Sean does by having the sun act as a fill light eliminating shadows behind the subject while the Daylight from the LED brings a perfect balance of light to your subject's forefront.

Being able to balance the color temperature of 5600 Kelvin daylight with natural light makes consistent lighting possible no matter what time of the day you are shooting.  Since there is also the 3200 Kelvin amber color option, you are able to control your lighting and move into those different indoor light settings.
"When you are shooting at all times of the day, sometimes into the middle of the night cranking out videos, flexibility to match the color temperature to the indoor lights is a huge plus!", says Sean

Finally, Affordable Quality

Investing in quality LED lighting, like Sean said, "does not have to break the bank."  The LED lighting kit Sean uses comes with everything you need included all while selling at a bundle discount. The panels are combined with barndoors and a carrying bag for safe storing and traveling. Having a portable kit that you can rely on makes this option great for a permanent set up studio.This will always be the most cost effective approach when you need to plug in and go. Sean says, "One LED panel would make a big difference in YouTube videos, but the kit is the best value."  

Fovitec StudioPRO LED panel

Some vloggers may only need minutes to film, while others will continuously vlog from noon to night. Everyone is different. With proven quality, vloggers and/or their subject alike will be thanking us in the wee hours as these bulbs also stay cool to the touch until the final cut. The long lasting bulbs emit 6500 lumens of light at one meter and are flicker-free so you need not worry when slowly dimming the light or quickly brightening things up!

Ready, Set, Vlog

Vloggers are real people utilizing a platform to get their opinions heard on everything from beauty to technology. Vlogging taps into the new way people consume information. A younger audience has turned to vloggers for entertainment, instruction, advice and to watch personal reviews and interactions with products. They find it refreshing that they are not being given a hard sell, but genuine opinions from people with whom they relate easily. If you are in the world of vlogging then this lighting kit might be your ticket to going viral and being heard. If you are still on the fence, enjoy and watch Sean Cannell's video for insightful and helpful tips on preparing for successful vlogging.  

"Don't think about success: Think about what you want to put out. Treat it like a hobby or passion project, and your authenticity will naturally shine through." -Michelle Phan, YouTuber

You may know his name from YouTube, however you may recognize Sean Cannell as a best selling author as well. Along with owning both of those titles, he is also a lifestyle entrepreneur who has a passion to join his viewers and readers on a journey to a more abundant life! He is a YouTube star who focuses on inspirational videos, book and product reviews, gift idea videos, life hacks, Q&A's, and the occasional video blog. He looks forward to connecting with you in his next video so check him out on Video Influencers and THiNK Media TV.

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