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Great Lighting for when Passion Meets Business

Posted on April 18 2017

Marketing via a Personal Touch

For aspiring fashion designers and merchandisers, the world's top fashion photographers can make all the difference to a personal approach. This collaboration between photography and design has created some of the industry's most memorable campaigns. With their unique perspective and remarkable impact on the fashion industry, photographers create trends, build classic brands, and extract the essential meaning of the designers' vision into a marketable form.

Creating Opportunity

More recently, sellers and consumers are realizing Instagram is very brand friendly and many are seeing this as a large opportunity.  We crossed paths with Ashley Taylor, who not only has a background in fashion marketing, but now with two young kids has quickly found her true passion at styling her little loves all while supporting small businesses via Instagram. Finding that her images were too dark with heavy shadows when shooting indoors, Ashley tried out our StudioPRO Circle Daylight Reflector LED lighting kit and immediately her studio space became illuminated with possibilities!

"My children both have deep blue eyes. Without the lighting their eyes often show up as brown or black, but with Fovitec lighting their true blue shows through." -Ashley Taylor




LED lighting creates consistent, colorful work and with Ashley's unique approach to each image, she let us know the equipment also proved to be very user friendly. The lights are easily assembled and disassembled within a minute and neatly fit into the provided carrying case. The case is light weight and secure making it convenient to take these lights on the go which is a necessity for any traveling photographer in the industry!

Making Options Endless

In addition to the wonderful enhancement these lights provide Ashley's photographs, adjusting the height of the light stand is as easy as the twist of a knob! With excitement she added, "It simply takes seconds to rearrange the lights for the perfect placement. This comes in handy for me because shooting the kids at all different levels of height, sitting/laying on the floor, standing or if they are sleeping, I can quickly move the lights, raise the height and capture the perfect shot, for example, them sleeping in their bed." Who can resist a sleeping baby photo op?! 


Shine a Softer Light 

Using LED chips which emit virtually no heat while being known for their long lifespan, provides multiple benefits and improves both photographers and videographers work. Ashley said one of her most frequently used accessories is the shield or soft light sock that is attached to the front of the light. This helps shine a softer more subtle, continuous light without the harsh fluorescent or strobe flash that can sometimes frighten a young subject. The images below show a nice contrast of before and after lighting.



Creation To Career

Remembering to never let fear take over, Ashley says to not be afraid to move the lights around the subject in order to get the perfect lighting for the shot. Since beginning to use these lights,Target picked up one of Ashley's recent photos for their social media outlet. This just proves that with the right lighting, you can turn your passion for fashion into your career! 


Graduating from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising [FIDM] with a degree in Merchandise Marketing, Ashley Taylor is now a wife and mom of two adorable children ages 2.5 years and 6 months. They lead an active, fun lifestyle in Southern California and she loves capturing this in photos. Combining her passion for photography, fashion, and her kids has been a great creative outlet! In addition to photography and her family, she enjoys fashion, fitness, travel, caffeine and wine!  See whats trending now for your little ones by following her on Instagram @everly.bray 


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