Fovitec- Quality Product Shots Without Hiring a Professional

Light Tent Brings Quality

Many crafters, cooks, and artists want to take high quality photographs of their own creations, whether to feature them in a blog post, offer them for sale online, or just share them with friends. The trick to getting these kinds of product shots easily and reliably is to use a light tent. Shooting with a light tent will help capture consistently bright, high quality product photographs every time.

Hobbyist Meet Professional

Some may think that if they are not a professional in the photography world that maybe they can use the natural sun or they have to hire a professional. What if it is cloudy for days at a time or your only time to shoot is late at night and hiring a professional is outside your budget? We reached out to make-up artist, Angela Tanner because we were determined to show our customers that you do not need to be a professional photographer to have professional quality work!

Though you may think lighting products is not hard, it does require some special equipment and basic technical knowledge. Since Angela is a make up artist, her products tended to be on the smaller size so she opted for our 16" StudioPRO All In One LED Light Tent. This light tent or light box is a cube with a black outer layer with a reflective inside lining that contains a front hole and top hole so the photographer has multiple angles to shoot. This displays balanced, nearly shadow-less lighting against a simple, solid white, black, gray, or blue backdrop.

Shoot More, Edit Less

Before even using this kit, she noticed that it has an opening in the front that's adjustable so that you can open it more or less depending on the size of the object that you are photographing. It also has a window on the top so you can shoot from a bird's eye angle. The sides of the tent are reflective and the LED lights were brighter than what she had used previously in her photography which after she began shooting realized that it reduces the shadows and leaves little need for editing. 


"The best part for me, is that it has some seriously powerful LED lights."

You may be wondering, with so many lighting tents to choose from, why this lighting tent? Angela was quick to point out that there are a number of reasons to use this particular light tent (as she has a couple others at her house and notes this is her favorite!) 

Choosing the Right Light Tent

  • If you rely on natural sun, lighting may be an issue with timing. You will no longer be limited to the time of day or the weather of the season.
  • Using the LED lights instead of fluorescent lighting, they stay cool to the touch so you can work for hours at a time. 

Staying cool to the touch also brings about another perk for the photographer. For example, Angela opened the lid of the cube in order to let the LED light shine outward and doing this allowed her the opportunity to provide more light when taking make-up photos at night. These lights are so bright that they help create clean product photos with seamless white backdrops to emphasize your subject without distracting your audience.

  • If the product you are shooting contains reflective material, there is an included diffuser with the kit to reduce the glare! 

Like in the image below, you can see the "before" where shadows are very much present and in the "after", the colors are bright and true to life.


Our StudioPRO All In One LED 24" Light Tent is also available if a larger tent is necessary to make your next product photography shoot effortlessly beautiful.


Freelancing as a make up artist for over 10 years, Angela Tanner has always been inspired by creating unique beauty. She started accumulating quite the following on Instagram through reviewing products and showing her talent by posting her own looks. Recently, she has launched a blog where you can see more of her showcasing called, Our Beauty Cult


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