Fovitec: Farm Fresh Photography Shoot

Spring Forward

Did the groundhog see his shadow February 2nd? Spoiler alert: Spring is coming early this year!  In light of the warmer weather, we thought we would check in on our favorite food photographer, Keena Moffett, because what says farm fresh living better than spring come early?

A product photographer is constantly brewing up ideas on how to present their piece.  Like any good actress, the backdrop a photographer chooses is their stage.  When the stage is constantly changing, it creates a new perspective, a new thought, or a new call to action.  For instance, if you are interested in shooting a rustic themed image, but do not live anywhere near the countryside you may think you are at a loss. In the past, rustic photo shoots required hauling your antiques and agrarian props (and subjects) to the setting and dealing with weather, lighting conditions and other variables on the fly.

Fortunately, photographers now have more options than ever before; Moffett has a few suggestions to accomplish this trendy, back to basics theme that everyone seems to be flocking toward lately.

Straight from the Skillet

  • Take a minimalistic approach to the styling you’re using by showing a no-fuss appeal. For example, leaving food in the skillet.  You can also try leaving the paintbrush in the picture to show a cooking technique while at the same time showing off the glistening marinade on the meat.


  • Always engage your audience by using props made of wood, cast iron, burlap etc. This will give you the picturesque, overgrown field or abandoned farm house look that you are focusing in on.


    • Emulate that countryside background with a realistic (inexpensive) backdrop from Fovitec. Try using StudioPRO Vinyl Picturesque White Wood Floor Backdrop available in 2 different sizes perfect for any shabby chic shoot.  Also available in a 4 pack (Buy Here), this material rolls out leaving no wrinkles, and no need for steaming or ironing! That’s something we could all kick up our heels to! 


    With backdrops like these, your viewer will never know that your backyard is actually big city lights. Add a couple vintage woven baskets to your shoot for the finishing touches, and if that doesn’t work, you could always just rub some dirt in it.

    Food_PhotographerKeena Moffett, a sensational food photographer and stylist for Gastronome Media, started her career from a passion filled of travels and great food. When she is not showcasing her latest savory morsel, Keena enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and their dog Nigel.  She transitioned from the kitchen to the studio to heat up some rustic treats!

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