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As January winds down, photographers everywhere are gearing up for the spring!  While you are putting together your list of must-haves, columnist Don Lindich from Sound Advice in the Minneapolis Star Tribune answers a question regarding product photography and shares his thoughts on what he thinks should be every photographer’s top choice:


I want to take pictures of handmade jewelry. Will I get better results with big flashes and umbrellas, or with one of those portable lighting tents with fluorescent bulbs? What do you suggest I buy?

-Caroline G., Mt. Lebanon, PA


When buying fluorescent lighting for video or photography pay attention to the Color Rendering Index, or CRI. CRI is a measurement of how accurately a lighting source’s color spectrum can reproduce colors. Daylight and xenon flash tubes and have a CRI of 100, which is perfect, while many fluorescent bulbs included in these inexpensive kits only have a CRI of 81. This can cause inaccurate colors in your images, even after you adjust white balance or tweak images in software. You can learn more about CRI when you Click Here!

A CRI of 90 or higher is considered excellent for fluorescent and capable of producing high quality images. Fovitec’s StudioPRO (Available in 4 sizes) tent kit includes CRI 90 bulbs for $79. Though it costs more than the $30 kits with CRI 81 bulbs, it is well worth the difference. If you already have a lighting kit, Fovitec offers CRI 90 bulbs as well. See more from Fovitec- Click Here!

Fovitec StudioPRO Lighting Tent

Whether you are an expert in the photography world or just starting out, a lighting tent will bring better results which means less editing and more time for shooting.  A photographer's dream, right?

See more before and after pictures with StudioPRO 24-inch lighting tent kit- Click Here!

Read more from Don Lindich's, Sound Advice, column- Click Here!


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