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The New Year: a time for goals, resolutions, financial budgeting, and new beginnings or maybe the courage to finally start a new business. Oh, to stay at home, have no boss to report to, set your own hours, and the chance to finally love what you do; sounds like a dream doesn’t it?  Being in photography, Fovitec is lucky enough to meet many of these self-starters and help in making their dream a reality. Sitting down with Jacquie Sorenson, we learned it is not always as easy as it seems, but turning your passion into a profession is well worth it!

Lighting may not be the first thing that comes to an entrepreneur’s mind, however it should be since it is the most professional tool to market yourself.  There is competition out there and a good chance they are selling something of similar taste so how you advertise may be the make it or break it. 

With Sorenson’s expertise, she was able to share some bright ideas on how to increase business and make the internet and lighting work in your favor. Having a passion for crafting and making things, Sorenson has had her own business on Etsy for less than a year now calling it, JaQueen’s Things and can be found at: JaQueen's Things

Pinterest Worthy?

Etsy is such a visual based selling platform that if your product shots are not Pinterest worthy, unfortunately, they are not that effective. Sorenson, being a one-woman company with little to no budget for equipment, she had to get creative. Even though the iPhone has truly evolved over the years and makes an excellent substitute for cameras these days, most of the time that will not be enough. It is a real challenge to find the perfect lighting to truly capture your product, and if you don’t know how to use Photoshop, those dark/over exposed pictures are basically worthless. 

Quick tips from our expertise re: ecommerce photography

  • First, Sorenson recommends trying out our StudioPRO 300W Photography Table Top Photo Studio Lighting Kit - 2 Light Kit (found here: StudioPRO Table Top).  It is perfect for product photography and gives just enough light to shoot your career to the next level! She let us know that instantly her pictures seemed more accurate in color, focused, and less editing was required.

Before & After

  • Images on a white background are proven to be favorable and get pinned and re-pinned more resulting in higher profit than those shot on a dark background. DIY: Again, with no budget, Sorenson spent a whopping $0.79 on a piece of white poster board and set up her lighting kit. Voilà!

She quickly let us know that these images still needed heavy editing and decided she needed a secluded lighting tent so the light focuses entirely on her subject.  This is where Fovitec’s StudioPRO Table Top Lighting Tent 20” Kit (available in more sizes at: Lighting Tent) came in real handy! 

With a huge exclamation point, she let us in on her real feelings toward this tent saying, “This item is absolutely amazing! It really helps create an even exposure and has significantly reduced my amount of editing per picture. It comes in a carrying case, includes a blue and red backdrop, and now also includes the table lights I was using! For those who are on a tight budget and do a lot of product photography, this is the best kit to get the most bang for your buck!” 

Seeing the image below, you may be shopping bridal now and may have forgotten all about lighting kits. See how lighting makes the real difference?!

  • For your customers, make the purchase decision an easy one. If you are utilizing Pinterest or Instagram, you should consider staging your products in a real life scenario. This helps the buyers picture your product in their own life instantly and creates a subconscious call-to-action, since they now imagine it in their own home and must have it!


2016 is a new year and a new chance to bring your best self forward!  There is much to learn when we allow ourselves to see through another’s eyes.  Like Sorenson, we could all take a few more risks especially when it could result in owning your future. Why not let someone else be the buyer this year and you be the creator?  Trust us when we say, it looks good on you!


At University of Arizona, Jacquie Sorenson finished with a degree in Marketing and moved out west from Cleveland, Ohio to pursue her dreams in sunny California.  She found her niche while working as the marketing manager for Groove Footwear and decided to utilize her talents to pursue a profession in crafting and creating handmade items for brides and babies to sell on her Etsy store, JaQueen's Things. We think you will like these things just as much as she enjoys cuddling with her pet pig. Oink! 


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