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Have you recently entered the world of food photography and are now looking for the tools that will accurately show the exquisite smell and taste of your masterpiece?

If you already have a passion for food then you know it is all about the presentation. If you are a business owner then you also understand the value of effectively marketing your products and services in a way that is visually appealing to your customers. However, sometimes the cost of professional photography services does not always seem to be the most cost effective approach.  

Keena Moffett, our very own professional food photographer, let us in on some secrets of her own that our readers can try at home!  These tips can be used by any food extraordinaire or DIY product photographer.


Secrets from a Food Photographer's Mouth

  • Next time you are heading out to a local park, bring your camera with you. Natural lighting will always be a great runner up to continuous lighting.  You will even be able to position your product against backdrops such as a blanket, the grass, or next to tree bark.  When you position your product so the direct lighting is behind the product, you will eliminate shadows and capture the shot you desire.  This is great for DIY, but for an even better trick, read on.

    • Always remember to romanticize your viewer by adding more depth to your images.  If food is your main subject then get creative and show how the consumer will use the food instead of simply introducing the packaging.  If you sell salsa, throw some chips in the mix and a tomato with water drops on top.  If you sell body butters or washes, have fun and create soap suds for the shot and add a loofah for the background!  These examples will work perfect for our next tip.


          • For a more controlled environment, Keena quickly reminds us of her favorite all-in-one light tent!  StudioPRO All-in-One LED Light Tent kit from Fovitec offers a simple set up with crisp, non-distracting backdrops for a professional look.  With a light tent, you will get that polished, finished look that will only highlight your product in the shot.  With this kit, you will need little space and you will save money as they are collapsible and self-lit, removing the need for more lighting equipment.  Hurry, as this kit is only on sale for a limited time at $119.95!





            •  A dramatic change to your photograph will always be apparent when using the right lighting. Lastly, fear can only be a setback to your art, so shine through what frightens you and come in for your close-up because it may just be the moment you create your chef-d'œu·vre. 

            About the artist:


            Food_PhotographerKeena Moffett, a sensational foodie entrepreneur and on-location food photographer, started her career from a passion filled of travels and great food. When she is not running KKD Sweets or showcasing her latest savory morsel on Gastronome Media, Keena loves spending time with her husband, two children, and their dog Nigel.  She transitioned from the kitchen to the studio to show us her best with our StudioPRO All In One LED Product Photo Light Tent.


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            Chet Stockwell

            November 20, 2015

            Great article! StudioPro is so perfect for my road show shoots!! Lights, collapsible, awesome! Thanks!


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