Fovitec- StudioPRO Monolights 100W/s, 160W/s, 180W/s Strobe: How to Set Up Tuto

We understand that advancing from continuous lighting to strobe lighting can seem intimidating at first, but don't let it be! Strobe, also known as flash, will greatly improve a photographer's control of their photography. Monolights, like we sell here at Fovitec, have all the controls located on the back of the head unit, which makes them very compact and easy to use. We even have them bundled as kits, so a complete studio set up is so easy to afford--why not improve your images with strobes?



See below for a complete transcript of our demo video:

How To Set Up A Strobe Head

Hi! Welcome to Fovitec Studio Pro Instructional site. Today we are going to demonstrate how to quickly and easily begin shooting with StudioPRO Monolight Heads. We will be giving this demo on our 100W/s Monolight strobe head that is the same body as our StudioPRO 160W/s and 180W/s.

First let’s go over the back of the monolight head.

Here you will find:

  • The main power switch
  • Sync socket for wired syncing
  • Power socket for plugging your strobe in to the wall
  • Fuse chamber where you can change out a blow fuse which is included
  • Modeling lamp switch at full or prop power
  • Optical slave sensor for detecting other strobes if you have more than one
  • A charge indicator which lets you know when the strobe is ready to flash again when it is green
  • The base knob from 1/32 power to 1 full power
  • A buzz button for an audio notification of the flash, a sensor button to engage optical slave mode
  • And lastly a test button to test the flash either after adjusting power or when shutting on or off to rid the charge

On the opposite side of the monolight you will see the flash tube itself and a two-pin socket for the modeling light. Install the modeling light carefully like so. Be very careful when handling these bulbs.

Also, these monolight heads are equipped with umbrella mounts for an optional modifier. All three of these strobe head models use a universal speedring.

In the box is an included sync cord and power cord, everything you need to get started. A wireless trigger may be available for your Nikon or Canon camera model sold separately. To get started shooting tethered, plug your PC sync cord into the port in your camera body. Not all models are equipped with PC sync ports, but we do sell PC sync port adapters for most Nikon and Canon models separately.

Then plug the sync cable into the sync port on the monolight. As you will see the sync cord is very long and will allow you to photograph in a pretty large space. Set your camera to your preferred shooting mode and set color temperature to daylight or 5500K. To sync to strobe heads, set the optical slave mode to ON for any additional strobe heads and they will flash in synchronization.

It’s just that simple! Remember to check out everything we offer at and feel free to contact us if you have any questions – thank you!  Want more tips and tricks? Click here to Subscribe!


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