Fovitec- Capture the Perfect Shot With Photography Lighting

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Lighting is everything in photography! Even the Greek origin of the word “photography” means “drawing with light.” When snapping the perfect shot photographers need to find the perfect relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO/ASA… it can be overwhelming and pretty time consuming, but what sets apart the good photographers from the great is how you capture the lighting that reflects off your subject.

With product photography/indoor studio photography, the name of the game is to create your own lighting and the good news is you have full control. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on lighting equipment to get the perfect shot! A $100 lighting kit will do! If you are working with a tight budget, and we mean tight, you can even get the job done with a $20 translucent umbrella kit.

On the flip side of the coin, you can use natural lighting to capture a shot, the difference is you are not in complete control. In order to take the reins of the of your photo shoot you must have a reflector. Reflectors are the perfect photography tool to manipulate the lighting and bounce the light onto your subjects face to fill the shadows.

Last and definitely not least is lucky light. Now this is probably our favorite because lucky light is just about being in the perfect place, at the perfect time and happen to have your handy dandy camera on you. Some of the best photographs come at morning or evening during the golden hour, when the sun is low; it creates a beautiful diffused warm golden light. Why is it our favorite lighting? Because the lighting is one of a kind and you will never capture the same natural light twice.


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