Fovitec- How to Name a Photography Business

One of the first things to think about when deciding to start a photography business is a name. Before you can even apply for a sales tax permit or to register your business (DBA- Doing Business As), they ask for the name of the company. So here are some business tips on how to name a photography business.

Let me start by saying that the name of your company isn’t rocket science.

Apple sounds like a fruit, not an electronics brand.

BMW is initials and what does that even stand for anyway?

How about this for spelling: Kraft, Toys R Us, Krispy Kreme and the list goes on.

how to name photography business

My point being you can keep it simple by just using your name. When people hire you as a photographer, they are paying you for YOUR art and the experience YOU create for them.


I know, I know sometimes people’s names aren’t always possible. Or maybe you have another idea that screams awesomeness. Just make sure you think about it enough before you commit.

You can always change it down the road. I am going to get those that think and say if you change your name, how will people find you and recognize your brand? This is minor in the big picture. In fact Brad’s Drink is doing just fine as Pepsi. Sprint is still around from their name change of United Telephone. And did you know that Nissan was once Datsun? So please don’t think that the name of your business will make or break you.

Some ideas for inspiration:

  • Style- Maybe you want to specialize in a certain style or subject of photography. Include this into your name.
  • Location- Maybe your local city name provides you with a unique name. Sure it can be cliché, but it works and you are associating yourself to the community in which you live.  So tap into the community identity.
  • Play on words- think of your hair salon name. Let me guess… A Cut Above? Upper Cut? Hair Matters? Clip & Snip? Enough of that….If that is your thing go for it. Words: Snaps, Clicks, Focus, Shutters, Exposure, Pixels  and the list could go on and on. Just remember to consider what your brand is and who you stand for.
you should be shot photography
Clever or a Mistake?

Only you can decide what fits the brand you want to portray.

Now that I have given you a few ideas, do your research. Look on Google to see if you can get the name domain you want and that it doesn't violate any trademarks.

I know that naming your business ruins the momentum of launching your photography business so hopefully you found a few of these tips helpful.

For those that already have a name for your business, how did you decide on that name?



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