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Why Do You Wear Sunglasses?

Posted on October 16 2013


I bet you are thinking, Sherese why are you asking me a silly question about sunglasses, right? I wear sunglasses because I have light colored eyes and they help me see in intense light. When I drive, they help reduce glare. Also, I love riding 4 wheelers so they protect my eyes from wind and dirt.

So what does sunglasses have to do with photography?

Think of filters as sunglasses for your lens. Filters serve many purposes in photography. Some filters such as a UV filter are widely used and some filters are used in rare situation. Here are a few reasons that filters are used:

  1. Enhance Colors (Polarized)
  2. Reduce Glare (Polarized)
  3. Minimize reflections (Polarized)
  4. Color Correct (Fluorescent)
  5. Reduce haze (UV)
  6. Protection (UV)

Reason #6 alone is reason enough to use filters on your lenses at all time. A filter is much easier on you (and your pocketbook) to replace than your actual lens. As a responsible photographer, PLEASE protect your lens and you can start  by clicking here.



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