Fovitec LED: Pushing Past your Lighting Limits

Light Emitting Diodes

It’s not an easy feat for a performer to inspire a crowd of hundreds or well over 50,000 people, yet time and time again, musicians manage to create an unforgettable experience for their fans. The performers, however talented they may be, cannot do it alone, though. We met up with The Pfeffers, a brother and sister rock/pop/acoustic duo, who recently began using (2) StudioPRO Daylight LED lighting panels for their video music production.  From old gear to new gear, Cori and Kevin [from The Pfeffers] tell us the sky is the limit, thanks to the power of LED lighting. 


From a show’s start to end, the lighting designer is like the additional band member, creating dazzling light spectacles to accompany the music.  If you are making your own videos and controlling your own lighting, like The Pfeffers, you will soon see why LED lights are the cornerstone of your next video light kit.


Set Up

If you need to set up and take down multiple lighting setups, then LEDs are a great option.  When The Pfeffers are touring on the road, nothing beats the portability of LED.  The StudioPRO 600 Daylight LED panel is lightweight and easy to angle.  Its bright lights are perfect for shooting live videos and taking still shots.  The Pfeffers exclaimed, "The lights are amazing and show a huge difference from previous lighting choices!"


Behind the scenes look at the LED set up:

                   LED light set up with The Pfeffers          LED light set up with The Pfeffers




There is an effortless love for the LED when you begin filming.  The shots that The Pfeffers were so quickly able to produce is due to the smooth and balanced tones that these bulbs emit. They were most intrigued by the comparison of the LED light display vs natural light.  As you can see below, LED's flattering light leaves for little to no editing so you can get back to performing. 


Before and After: Natural Light vs LED Light

                                    Before and after without light          Before and after with LED light




When filming a live video or YouTube clip, being in control of your lighting is important.  With the dimmable dial and battery option, the effects and location is up to you.  Thankfully, The Pfeffers allowed us an up close and personal look into their studio so we could see for ourselves the professional touch the daylight balance of the LED gives. The LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and are long lasting, so even during "take 38" you'll still be rockin' and rollin'.  


Performing with (2) StudioPRO Daylight LED Panels

               Performing with LED lights           LED light performance with The Pfeffers


No matter the fate of an ever-changing music business, one where record labels and album sales continue to decline, and self made videos are on the increase, one thing is for sure, “We will continue to write and perform epic music for our beloved fans”- Kevin Pfeffer.  


Keep producing and we'll keep the lights on; Light up the sky!



The Pfeffers Performing off and on together for the past several years, Cori and Kevin Pfeffer, in 2015 made the decision to team up and work exclusively as The Pfeffers.  Since then, they have already shared the stage with bands known as The Goo Goo Dolls, Rise Against, and Boys Like Girls to name a few. Captivating their listeners with emotion and originality, it's no wonder ReverbNation currently ranks them #1 on the charts in their genre and region.  With a refreshing sound and a brand new record coming out soon, we have a feeling The Pfeffers are just getting warmed up!


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